Mezzo vs. Chelsea

  1. I like both the Mezzo and the Chelsea, although I've never seen the Chelsea in person. Does anyone have both? Do you like one better than the other? If you have both, can you take pictures of you wearing each and then a picture of the two together?

    I really like the Mezzo, but I don't have any Damier, so I'm leaning toward the Chelsea (the fact that it doesn't have the vachetta bottom doesn't hurt!).
  2. I have to say go for the Chelsea i dont own one but i have seen people with them and they are very nice.
  3. the chelsea is a great bag...i don't have it but i've tried it on several times and it looks good. looks casual and dressy...i had on jeans when i tried it on the first time, work clothes the second. it's large and will hold files, books, mags, and your personal stuff as well, like if you got a pochette to go inside to keep all your essentials.

    the mezzo is also great, and a great size, but i (personally)steer clear because i can't do too much naked vachetta. especially on the bottom of bags.
  4. I've been using my Mezzo non-stop since I got it around a month ago and it's bottom is as clean as ever! I place the bag on every surface without thinking twice and I've never treated it with a spray and that bottom is durable and looking good!!!!!!!!!
  5. hmm I like the Chelsea, would probably go for that one!
  6. Go for the Chelsea!
  7. Definitely try these on. I love the Chelsea but when I tried it on it just didn't look that great on me, the Saleya styles are MUCH better on me, you just never know!
  8. I probably should. The only problem is I'm two hours away from a boutique. I like the look of the Saleya too, but I've never tried it on. I'm also thinking about special ordering a Damier Chelsea. Decisions, decisions!
  9. ^^^ It is hard I know!! I think that a special order Damier Mezzo would be the ultimate!!
  10. How much do you think a Damier Mezzo will set me back?
  11. For special orders, add 30%. I think the price for the regular Mezzo is $940, so add 30% to that.
  12. Isn't a Damier Chelsea a regular item? I saw one on the site, and also at LV Saks in South Coast Plaza just this past weekend.
  13. I had a Saleya for a couple weeks, and ended up returning it. If you are getting it to go on the shoulder, you may prefer the Mezzo or the Chelsea instead. I found the rolled handles on the Saleya MM to be a little bulky, and the bottom of the bag to stick out too much right where it hit me on the hip/waist area. I really liked the Damier Chelsea when I saw it on was a month or so before it was under so much discussion here. I thought it looked great, and wondered why I had never heard of anyone talking about this style before. :P When I saw it in LV over the weekend, the only negative that I saw, for me, was the "lip" of canvas that comes up over the sides of the zipper. I'm not sure how over time this would wear, and whether or not it would get flimsy/floppy looking.

    My vote is for the Mezzo. :heart:

    I can't get the link to bring you directly to the picture, but if you go to, there is a pic under the Damier Canvas of the Chelsea.
  14. tammy exactly my dilema a month ago cabas mezzo or chelsea... i got the chelsea and i loove it! im 5'1 97 lbs, its a huge bag on me but i got a lot of compliments using it :smile: im glad i bought the chelsea
  15. I :heart: my chelsea! It's a great work/daily tote and travel bag. It comes with a lock that allows you to lock it up!