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  1. I've been thinking about getting a LV bag for years now. Depending on if I keep my Edith or not - I may be ready to make my move! I'm REALLY torn though about choosing a style, I like to fit a bunch of stuff in my bags. I'm 5'5 if that helps at all. I'm really looking for an everyday bag.

    SPEEDY: This bag seems classic - although I have some reservations with the handles only carrying method.

    PIANO: I like the easy access and style of this bag. Those of you that have it - is it big enough - or is it too small?

    MEZZO: This seems like a large tote - but is it too large for an everyday bag given my height? Is it too much of a good thing?

    I'd love to hear from everyone, especially ladies that have these bags. I appreciate the advice!
  2. I forgot to add. Can any of these bags be purchased on ebay - or should I stick to eluxury or a Vuitton boutique?
  3. I think the Piano is the perfect sized bag. (It will be by next LV purchase.)

    I have a speedy and ADORE it....hmm, I don't know which one you should buy. :sad2: Both? :love:

    You need to go to an LV boutique and try them all on, you'll know right away. :nuts:
  4. You can purchased them on Ebay but make sure they are authentic. the ladies here can help you. If you don't like a handheld bag then go for the Piano. I do love the Speedy... classic :love:
  5. I would go with the Piano!
  6. I need to hear from ladies that have the Piano!! Can it fit all of your stuff - is it a good everyday bag?
  7. I had the Piano until stupid me gave it to my sister. :sad2: It fits a lot of stuff but I was always worried about the bottom vachetta. I loved it as an everyday bag
  8. The speedy is very lovely, but the piano can hold more, I say get them both. You can purchase from ebay (try a my poupette seller) but eluxury and the LV boutiques are always the best way to go.
  9. I have the speedy and the piano, and the piano is just the perfect bag. I fits so comfortably on my shoulder and it is easy to get into and it is the perfect size. I pull out other bags to carry for a few days but I always go back to my piano. I bought mine from ebay for $400. and the bottom is already perfectly aged so I don't worry about it at all. It is bomb proof.
  10. go with the piano. it will suit your frame
  11. I have both the speedy and paino and love both..
    the piano is a perfect size and if you're not a handbag person it is perfect.
    If you dont mind the handbag style go for the speedy.
    You'd be amazed at what you can stuff in the piano..
    i'm 5'3 so this will give you an idea of size/for the piano.

  12. My friend is about your height and owns Piano. It looks really good on her! Go with Piano!!!:biggrin:
  13. Get whichever you like better and is within your budget. All 3 bags can hold a lot.
  14. I'm 5'9 and carry the mezzo and it is big.I think the piano would fit better with your height.
  15. I love the piano. Let us know what you decide, go Eluxury with free shipping this month I think.