mezzo = overnight bag??

  1. hey all!

    I think I decided on my next bag but since I don't have an LV near me, can anyone who has the mezzo or have seen the mezzo give me an opinion whether it is okay to use as an overnight bag or a weekend bag? I just need to put maximum two outfits (one or two pairs of jeans, couple shirts, maybe 1 sweater), makeup bag, maybe shoes, blowdryer?!

    If you have pics that would be good too!

    I know I can get a keep all but that would be too big as I want to use this bag for day trips - when I need an extra sweater or something. A Keepall would be too big for me anyway even for carry -on luggage as I don't have that much on my carry on usually. I figured if I can put one outfit in my 35 I can probably use the mezzo for two

    please help, thanks!:heart:
  2. I have a Mezzo but use it as a purse. But, I think you could use it as an overnight bag if you rolled up your clothes that you mentioned and have a small hairdryer and small make-up bag.

    You may also want to consider a Neverfull MM or GM although they are both open bags.

    And, if you look at the Palermo GM, the Palermo is slightly larger than a Cabas Mezzo plus the Palermo GM has the zipper top and the bonus would be that it doesn't have a vachetta bottom like the Mezzo. The Palermo GM would have adjustable straps that can be worn on the shoulder AND it also comes with a detachable long shoulder strap. Maybe the Palermo GM would be a better fit for you as a overnight bag/carry-on luggage?
  3. thanks peace! I don't like the neverfulls that much reminds me of a beach bag, and I'd like to have a zippered top in case i use it as a carry on and put it up in the overhead wouldn't want all my stuff flying out everywhere.

    I'm not much of a fun of the palermo but I will give it some more thought...the only worry I would have that it would be too big to use as an everyday bag too if I wanted that option...but I will keep that in mind. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. A mezzo could work, but if you're willing to go the used route a Cabas Alto or Sac Flanerie would be even better.

  5. i don't mind used, actually had a really good condition cabas alto last week (it's sold now) and I was contemplating that, but no zippered top --> it's a Dunno what a sac Flanerie looks like though...:shrugs:
  6. A Mezzo could definitely work :biggrin:, a carryall is also quite good.
  7.'t like the sac flanerie at all...thanks for the pic though, I appreciate it! :smile:
  8. yeah carry all is good also, but it would just stay in the if we were gonna go for an all day outing i couldn't brin it with me like the mezzo or palermo. I hope that kinda makes
  9. That makes sense but would you also be carrying a small purse with you in the Mezzo? Like a pochette in case you don't want to carry the Mezzo out for the day?

    Yes, the Palermo GM is bigger than the Mezzo and it does seem too big for everyday use but would work well as a work bag/carry-on. Sounds like Mezzo would be good for you! I do love my Mezzo and use it as an everyday bag and it's nice to throw in a jacket into it but it will get heavy. If you go on an airplane with the Cabas Mezzo, take a shopping bag with you to place the Mezzo inside it as you send the Mezzo through the security ex-ray machine as well as when you have to put the Mezzo down on the floor under the seat on the airplane. You just have to be a bit more careful because of the vachetta bottom.

    Let us know what you get!!
  10. lol! it does make sense, i reckon the Mezzo would be perfect. I use mine for school and it fits so much in it - I can fit quite a few jackets in my mezzo when i am stuffing it for storage.
  11. yeah, I'd probably bring one of my smaller bags with me like Sophie, Manhattan PM, soufflot or speedy 30 for my normal bag items (wallet, cell etc).

    I'm still kinda set on the Mezzo but we'll see. I'm gonna experiment stuffing some overnight stuff into my 35 to see how it fits and I can pretty much gage how useful the mezzo would be. I stll have a couple of months to decide (and save! lol). I will definitely let you guys know! thanks for all your help peace!

  12. yeah the mezzo can get pretty wide, I found this pic in the reference thread I think..I presume that as long as I arrange my stuff carefully I'd be able to manage.

    Also, worse comes to worse and I have too much stuff, I can always use another bag or leave the mezzo unzipped (if travelling by car)..that would probably work too.
  13. ^^
    Your welcome!!! I hope the months fly by quickly so that you can get your new LV!!!
  14. I always use mine as an overnight bag when I take a works great and is light to begin with so it doesn't get too heavy.