mezzo or batignolles horizontal, or both?

  1. for a spacious shoulder tote, which is better? or are they 2 different bags, and one should have them both? :shrugs:
  2. i prefer the style and shape of the Batignolles Horizontal, and the fact that it doesn't have an all-vachetta bottom like the Cabas bags. i have the Batignolles Horizontal, and it's a very roomy bag, and very comfortable on the shoulder
  3. I prefer the BH, i like everything on this bag better then on the Mezzo.
  4. Batignolles AND Mezzo, or get it special ordered in Damier!
  5. i love my bh but if both is an option- chose that! lol
  6. both but i'd go the mezzo in SO damier :smile:
  7. I prefer the look of the BH.
  8. BH.. But if you can get both, why not both? =)
  9. I prefer BH.
  10. Both, if you can....but otherwise I like the mezzo better :smile:
  11. Both for sure, if possible. I use those two bags more than any of my, the Mezzo is great for traveling!
  12. Both?!! Yes! My mom has the BH, it is really a nice bag. For myself I'd love the piano, so the mezzo is good too.
  13. I like the shape of the Saleya. The BH and Mezzo are great too. :yes: