Mexico vs Cuba

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  1. So my girlfriends and I are planning a trip to go either to Mexico or Cuba for the summer. We're planning to go around June 15. We want to party and we heard Varadero, Cuba is just like Cancun, Mexico - party wise. Which place would be more fun? and would the weather be cloudy/raining due to hurricane season? So far, its about 6 of us girls going... would we be safe without any boys? TIA
  2. If you're going mainly to party, I'd suggest Mexico. The hotels and clubs are set up specifically for that. Cuba is amazing to travel around, but transportation is not the greatest, so even getting from Havana to Varadero can be frustrating. And I'm not entirely sure, but I think June is only the start of the hurricane season, so you'd probably miss the bad weather, though if there is a hurricane, you're better off in Cancun than Cuba.
  3. Ok thank you.. seems like the all inclusive packages in mexico are alot cheaper then cuba. Weird, i always thought cancun would be more expensive.
  4. Wish you would have gone to CUBA! :tup: maybe next time!
  5. I vote cuba. Went to varadero for a week and had a blast. Sadly, stayed at an all inclusive, but still had a wonderful time. I went to havana for a couple of days on my own and was able to book hotel, bus to-from Havana without the assistance of a travel agent.