Mexico in May!

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  1. So and I are going to Mexico in May and I'm soooo excited. We are staying at Secrets Capri in Playa del Carmen. Has anyone ever been? Any must see/dos? I know we definatley want to go to Xcaret and Tulun and Xel-Ha. TIA for any suggestions!
  2. Try "La vaca loca"restaurant on the quinta avenida,it is a restaurant with dishes of Argentina.I've liked it so much.
    Another restaurnt that i've tried is "El jaguar",in quinta avenida too.

    Tulum is is a paradise.:drool:
    I suggest to visit the historical park of "chichenitza"..very beautiful.
  3. Definitely walk around Playa Del Carmen 5th ave at night. Shopping and alot of restaurants. Go to Tulum and see the ruins. Bring or wear swimsuit(under clothes) the beach there is great.You can get a public bus from carmen playa to tulum for like 4 dollars Make sure its a first class bus--ac
  4. Oh you'll have a great time. We went to Cozumel in December (30 minute Ferry Ride from Playa Del Carmen) and we had such a great time. We did a private tour to Tulum and it was really nice, we had our own van with a driver that waited for us while we checked out the ruins. They have a great restraunt/gift shop at Tulum and we got our anniversary printed in the mayan calender style. Kind of cool keepsake.

    I would suggest taking the Ferry over to Cozumel at least once while you there. It's very nice there and I can recomend a great Lobster Restraunt if you interested.

    May is also Blue Marlin season if you and your so like to fish.

    My next trip there I want to see the ruins at Coba and the Monkey Sancutary. I also want to take the Atlantis Submarine on Cozumel and marine life and coral. The second largest reef in the world is around Cozumel. I would also like to do the dolphin swim. I believe you can do those in Cozumel and Playa.
  5. I love PDC. We'll be back in the area in April.
    Check out
    Many locals, amazing people, and lots of great information to be found at that site.
    Have a happy vacation.
  6. OMG I love Playa del Carmen! I was there 2 years ago.

    What we did:

    Visit Chechen Itza ruins
    Make sure to go to a Cenote (caves with water, some you can swim in)
    Went on ATVs through the jungle
    Go to Cozumel for snorkeling and a little more shopping
    Make sure to hit 5th Avenue for the restaurants and shops
    I also suggest renting a catamaran and going for a little sail. The water is so beautiful.

    Have fun, it's an amazing trip. :smile:
  7. Thanks everyone! I really want to see the ruins and go to Xcaret. A ferry ride to Cozumel sounds awesome. I've always wanted to go to Cozumel.
  8. Does anyone have any suggestions for shopping? What the local crafts are and a must have item? TIA
  9. well not much excpt the same crap for modern things go to Sergio Bustamante in Cancun at the newer mall look it up on the web. Mexican art was pretty years ago.

    also if you like bead sculptures all sizes Hoitchel(sp) sell them in some boutiques and airport.
  10. When we went to Chichenitza they stopped by at local craft shops, but it was much cheaper to buy items on the actual site. Vendors set up and you can buy things and bargain. We got a little pather mask and a big carved item with the old Mayan calandar on it. Basically you'll see lots of masks, some carved wood plaques, some brightly colored china pieces, can't think of anything else right now.

    I would recommend swiming with whale sharks if it is the right time of year. It was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had.

    As for eating find a place with tacos (real ones that are softer bread), so good and cheap! Otherwise I found alot of the food too overpriced and American.