1. do u think the mettalic silver is just as good or stable color like the other bags
    what should the hardware color be

  2. The hardware should be silver, but a 2004 metallic should have a silver interior tag and the 2005 metallic should have a leather interior tag.
  3. its a new silver mettalic from the fall 06 collection
  4. there is no metallics in fall 06
  5. they have it in box style in selfridges in uk with silver hardware.
    it is from the new collection--it is called metallic silve
  6. are you sure its not from 05 metallics? there is a silver mettalics from 05.
  7. that is what they read and told me it is from this collection--i did not see it
  8. hm... maybe somebody else can confirm this.
    last time i talked to BalNY's SA, she said that they are not getting metallics and that the next collection is spring 07.
  9. they just got it in few days back