Metropark / Vacanze

  1. Hey all! I stopped by Metropark today in Novi, MI and they were just unboxing their Vacanze shipment. I saw some scuolas there, but couldn't make the rest of the styles out. Just FYI!
  2. too funny! i just posted about metropark too! love that they carry toki there!
  3. I stopped by mine too tonight. They had scuola, giocco, zucca and one denaro which i quickly grabbed! They get shipments maybe 2 times a week she said.
  4. if anyone lives in socal you can go to the metropark at irvine spectrum. they have giocos, zuccas, and like 3-4 denaros
  5. Looks like this location only has one Zucca, one Gioco and one Scuola!