Metropark- new tokidoki shirt

  1. I was at Metropark and I saw this tshirt with adios and ciao ciao ...have you guys seen it? its so cute!! And they also have a short sleeve zip up hoodie in adio and ciao holding balloons...awhn..they are so adorable!!

    If any of you are still looking for vacanze, they are still available at Metropark in Cerritos.
  2. Are you referring to Adios and Ciao Ciao holding balloons or eating sushi? The balloons shirts in both styles are newly launched I believe.
  3. I have to agree the raincoat is adorable!! I didn't see it at metropark in cerritos. Does anyone know where we could get it from?
  4. The bags at metro are marked off too... like from 150 to 100 kind of thing.

  5. That's adorable! I have the one where Adios is handing Ciao Ciao a lollipop, but these new ones are so cute!
    I love Metropark, I just wish there was one closer to me, I only get in there when I'm up at the Irvine Spectrum.
  6. You can buy from Metropark's website you know.
  7. Those are the cutest t-shirts, love that one... can't wait for summer to wear them!!!:cutesy:

  8. My Metro does that too! It's like one bag a week or something. I remember seeing the AS zucca, tutti gioco, trasporto ciao ciao, and other ones that were marked close to $100 basically.
  9. theyre sooo cute, indeed. so cute that i ought the short sleeve hoodie... without intending to spend 89 bucks on it!!

    either way, i loves it!
  10. Does the short sleeve hoodie comoe in XL? I could probably use a L, but like my sweats loose. Thanks!
  11. they're awesome
  12. I emailed JapanLA yday and turns out they just got their spring clothes in!!! I was able to get 3 different hoodies in XL!!! Jamie is the best!!!
  13. I just went to the website and they now have the Valentines collection (there's more stuff in the collection than I thought) too! I have ordered from them before and they were great! Happy shopping!