Metro vs Macho

  1. It is going to be really funny to hear every lady’s opinion on this because there seems to be any interesting debate about this when I started the thread ‘Does your SO use your (or his own!) cosmetics?’ This is going to be good reference for the gentlemen around here as well, so this charity!

    The question is just like the titled poll: do you prefer ‘metro’ or ‘macho’ guys? When my friends and I discussed this over lunch today, we went all juvenile (it’s not a pretty sight having 28-29 year olds doing so, LOL) and giggly. We also came up with some funny pros and cons so sharing your reasons, as well, would be interesting and hilarious!

    Let me start this off: I prefer macho guys because it freaks me out to think that a man spends more time in front of the mirror than me – there was this merger and acquisition guy in my firm who spends literally half an hour in front of the mirror putting styling wax in his hair just before going out to lunch (naturally he’s no longer with us) and I have been told of a metro who talcum powders his CK underwear (EEEEEPPP!).

    More seriously on the emotional side, after all metrosexuality is not only about appearance, sometimes I’m sick of the touchy-feely thing with the metrosexuals when I discuss anything [serious or not] with them. It usually follows this pattern: ‘yes I am so with you; you must be so devastated; are you all right, etc.’ because they care too much about my feelings and nothing concrete ever comes out of it when it is their critical opinion that I asked for (I suppose I have a sadomasochistic tendency preferring a man who can assert his authority telling me what to do with a clear direction, man-handle me roughly sometimes, etc).

    BTW, definitions (in comparison to movie characters, tried to think of US people but can’t):
    Macho = the new James Bond guy; supposedly James Bond is now back to Sean Connery’s chauvinistic ways.
    Metro = Jude Law in Alfie or less precisely Hugh Grant in any of his films.
  2. I'd take say..Orlando Bloom anyday over..Hulk Hogan! lol!!
    But of course I don't want some guy who say...puts on makeup, talcoms his UNDS! haha or anything like that. Also I like a more sensitive person, or even someone to shop with! I don't think any of us want a crybaby...just someone who we can relate to, unlike some macho man who only cares about cars or sports.:Push: err...and his ego.
  3. Neither: I like a guy with brains and a healthy attitude. Guys with makeup :yucky:
  4. Change definition:upsidedown::
    Metro: Orlando Bloom
    Macho: Hugh Jackman (Wolverine guy in X-Men)
  5. :lol: lol well I'd take either one of them!!
  6. Definitely more into macho guys. I couldn't imagine my boyfriend spending more time in front of the mirror than I do and being all touchy-feely all the time like you mentioned. Yeah, it's nice to have a sensitive guy, but part of what I like about my boyfriend is that since he isn't always like that it's almost unexpected and very endearing when he is. I've always liked for a guy to be assertive and, I guess, manly in that stereotypical way. If I want someone who's touchy-feely and spends an hour in front of the mirror, that's what friends are for.

    I'll take a guy who grumbles about me taking long too get ready over one who fights me for mirror time any day... especially if we're defining "macho" as Hugh Jackman.:love:
  7. Wow. I've had them both.

    Last boyfriend was metro... good-looking guy, fun-loving. It was fun to shop together and get his input, but overall, this kind of dandy-ness (as in, English dandy) translated to other parts of his life in an undesirable way.

    Current SO is a trader in the pits: talk about macho. His job is to be big, loud, and aggressive. Funny enough, in social situations, he's rather quiet. I much prefer his kind of attitude... I like men who are men, not men who are trying to outdress me!
  8. Macho
  9. I like metro guys ... though I admit I also like aggressive men.

    I basically like well-dressed, worldly men who know about art, culture, fashion, travel and wine. I want them to choose the restaurant and have an active social life. I want someone who understands the importance of beauty and why I need Dior fine jewelry and Bottega croc bags.

    Seriously though, I don't "need" a man like that. I can just hang out with my gay friends and dress them up in Dior Homme. I prefer an attractive, well-groomed man, but what I really need is someone who is sweet and can put up with my goofiness. :nuts:

    That's hard to find in Euro banker jetsetters.... But those are the men who are (surprisingly!) attracted to me.... I should stay away from London and business school and New York....
  10. my SO is a bit of both. he is a bit metro and i love that he is. whenever i go shopping and he's with me, i can always ask for his opinion and will give me a very straight answer. he is very intelligent and computer savy, so whenever i have an issue with my computer, i know who to turn to. yet, he also has a bit of machoness to him. he is an amateur muay thai fighter and goes to the gym almost everyday.
  11. neither of them.
    if metro is like david beckham, and macho like sylvester stallone.

    i prefer skinny guys wit feminime touch but still straight :P
  12. metro<------------->macho

    see my little arrow ? I think I&#180;m like most women....I like them just in the middle !!
    Not macho : who wants his wife to stay home and say that men are superior to women or tell sexist jokes at work or during dinner parties.
    Not metro : who obsesses 2 hrs to fix his hair everyday (I have a friend like that)and cares more about fashion and shopping than me.

    But like my BF who is somewhere in the middle, we can discuss stuff like Art, work, etc......he gives me his opinion about my make up or fashion choices.
    He wants me to have a career like he does, he takes care of his appearance : hairstyle, nails neat, moisturizer, always clean .
    But he also loves Hi fi stuff, computer stuff, video games, and boys nights....
    and aarrrrrggghhhh men stuff.Most important will never say anything disrespectful of women gender.
  13. ^ Mine is a bit of both as well and I like him that way but if I have to choose between either one, I would have to go macho as reasoned above. In fact yesterday, I came across a men style forum that had men (claiming to be investment bankers and advertising executives) talking about shoes wishlists and dreaming about reptile manbags/shoes like we talk about bags here, LOL...

    That freaks me out; it is the classic metroness going too far for me. Honey, if you want some shoes, go and get it yourself or tell me and I'll go and buy it for you but DON'T go and discuss it with the member of your sex otherwise this weekend you can go and sleep in their bed!
  14. Macho baby....if I wanted a girly I'd be a lesbian. lol

    My husband is so funny - he's a total 'guys' guy but he also takes bubble baths and loves to garden! hee hee

    I can't stand the wimpy metro girly men...and I do NOT consider Orlando Bloom (make my heart swoon!) to be metro. He makes my heart go pitter patter in Pirates of the Carribean. lol
  15. I :heart: Metro's!!
    My current boyfriend is metro but not creepy metro. He care's about how he looks and likes to go shopping, but he doesnt wear make up or do any feminine stuff besides shopping.