Metis reverse vs Dauphine Mm

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  1. Quick Poll: Would you sell your Metis Reverse for the Dauphine MM? :biggrin:
    Thanks in advance:heart:
  2. I would. Never liked the Metis, too masculine IMO
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  3. thank you for your input:biggrin:
    you made me laugh, never heard about the masculine-thing :smile:))
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  4. I owned the Métis and the dauphine mini. Sold the PM. Dauphine is more elegant, better made and looks more luxurious because of the leather. Still have the benefit of the reverse canvas which I love, but in a more elevated bag...hence the big jump in price.
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  5. good point! no issues with the dauphine so far?
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  6. I have the mini Dauphine and no quality issues so far. I love this bag very much, you can wear it with Jeans, but also with elegant clothes for diners, evenings.
    The PM is very casual and soooo often to see!
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  7. thats true - the PM is very common and I am a little afraid to use it because all of the issues....
  8. Zero issues thus far. I love the bag. :smile:
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  9. thank you very much!!!
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  10. Dauphine is sooo nice
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  11. it is indeed:smile:
  12. Outlier here- I definitely prefer the PM to the Dauphine. I do not care for the leather trim. I know LV is moving that way, maybe to prevent glazing issues- new Artsy comes to mind. But the trim reminds me of the older and therefore more dated bags in my mind.
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  13. I prefer the Metis. For whatever reason, I don't like the hardware on the D.
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  14. thank you very much!
    I think I‘ll keep my PM ;)
  15. I love my Dauphine. I like the look of the Metis, but prefer the Dauphine.
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