Métis, Pallas, Mirabeau?

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  1. Hi
    I'm new to the LV section although my bag 'thing' started with LV over twenty years ago :smile:
    Over the years bags have come and gone and I am currently rebuilding my collection. I have
    MM MC Looping
    MC Musette Tango
    MC Musette long strap
    Denim Pleaty
    Monogram Matt Allston
    MC Pochette Accessoires
    MC MM Montsouris
    DA Speedy 30
    MC MM Croissant
    Empreinte Speedy B in Aurore
    MC Sarah Wallet
    MC MM Neverfull

    Can you help me to choose my next LV purchase please?

    I'm considering either the Pallas, epi Alma or Mirabeau PM in noir and definitely the Métis

    I don't know whether to buy one bag in a lovely leather and really go for it it two canvas bags. I know I don't have any DE but I'm not really keen on it!

    I'll be interested to hear all your suggestions. Can't wait - so excited to he back with LV :smile:
  2. What would be the new bag for? Everyday? Going-out for lunch /dinner?

    My general vote would be the Pallas but as a Pallas owner and lover, I'm quite biased. lol.

  3. Hi

    Thanks for your reply.
    I'd like something that is a little smarter which I could use at a family wedding but still use again afterwards kind of smart everyday?
    I can't use a clutch etc as I have a little one I need to carry things for so thought the Pallas would be a good choice but open to suggestions. Would really live a capucines but can't justify it!
  4. epi alma in my opinion
  5. Metis, Pallas, Alma and Mira. In that order. Actually I wouldn't buy the Mira at all.
  6. Pallas
  7. Epi alma! So classy looking and can be formal or casual with jeans and a t-shirt. Plus it's a wonderful blank canvas for bags charms and bandeau's IMO!
  8. I'm thinking the Pallas could bb be a good fit!!
  9. Haha I understand (about the Capucines), but the Pallas is so LV as well and it's much more reasonably-priced than the Capucines. It fits loads in and will be great for a (smart) everyday bag - just my two cents. :smile:

    Good luck with your decision and keep us posted!
  10. Pallas is my pick. Gorgeous bag :smile:
  11. Pallas
  12. Pallas
  13. Vote for Metis!!
  14. Pallas
  15. Pallas!