Métiers d'Art Paris-New York 2019 (19A) Collection

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  1. is everyone still going crazy over 19S or is that winding down already :lol:

    2019 Métiers d'Art Paris-New York Collection
    or 19A
    (i know every year there's always a debate on whether this is considered pre-fall or not as the website usually would have this separate and then what some call Act I listed as Pre-Fall and Act II as Fall)


    the collection was shown on the runway last December at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. set in the Temple of Dendur, the collection has an Egyptian theme.

    should start appearing in stores in about less than 2 months or so.

    please share any pics or info you have here! :smile:
  2. I LOVE & ADORE this collection. I hope to get a purse/bag and costume jewelry from this collection - then I'm done. I decided 2019 was going to be my last year of luxury shopping, especially premier designers. I've watched the runway video about 20 times.
  3. I was about to start a thread on it too... I'm getting impatient!! Hahaha..
    Been asking my SA for info.. but geez.. nthg has been released to them yet.
    What I've been seeing lately at my home store.. are the left over iridescent slg.. the Chevron matte collection... and cruise pieces.. and alot of Small classic flaps.
    Now... I can't wait for what's coming up next!
  4. I am waiting for the faux crocodiles to appear. I am very much interested in how these will look.

    If Chanel is going to do a faux cocodile print, I'm sure they will do it right.
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  5. My SA just showed me the espadrilles and loafers pictures...she said their stores will get more rain boots and sneakers.
    She said she wont be able to tell me about bags until May... all she said there will be lots of gold :noworry: So now I have to patiently wait till May.. :smile:
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  6. Any Intel if Coco Handle is coming back for PreFall?? My SA says it'll come back.. but not sure when. Nowadays the HQ is not releasing much news to the SAs.
  7. Yeah, Im also very impatient to know which colors the rectangular mini will come in! Hope this will FINALLY be the season for the perfect red mini rectangular :smile::hrmm:
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  8. :O so sounds like the collection is coming in May?
  9. My Paris SA told me it will come in June.
  10. Itll be in June but she won’t be able to tell me until May. :panic:
  11. Can’t wait! I would love to get my hands on the all black sneakers, a mini rect. caviar in black SHW and a business Affinity! Either this collection or fall act I
  12. If it's that deep Egyptian Gold... I'm all for it.

  13. From the picture she showed me for the leather espadrille, it looked like deep gold.:love::yahoo:
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  14. Grabbed this from instagram! Hope it helps!

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  15. you'll have to wait one more season! just had minis for 19S, the next time there'll be non-exotic minis will be 19B
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