Metals rusting? or what? o_o?

  1. So.. I've been looking around on eBay lately and I noticed on lots of speedy's around the LV metal bolt looking things that connects the handles and such have like a weird green rust like crusting growing on it.. what is that exactly? and is it avoidable?

    It's totally something I do not want happening to my speedy now or ever.. >o<

  2. It's oxidation from the tarnishing of the brass. I've seen this happen mainly on the older LVs. You might be able to remove the tarnish from the brass hardware with a brass cleaner but if it's on the vachetta, there's nothing you can do (at least that I'm aware of) to remove it, short of having LV replace the vachetta leather/trim. It's my understanding that LV has since changed the brass hardware so that you shouldn't see this happening to any of the newer Speedys.
  3. Try some Brasso!
  4. Yes, the brass eventually tarnishes on all LV. Some do so more quickly than others depending on the environment/weather. The lock began to slightly tarnish on my first LV (a mono Speedy 30) a couple of month ago (bought it last Sept.) so I dipped it in my jewelry cleaner. Good as new. My friend did Brasso on hers, that worked well, too.
  5. ya it happen to my keepall i use toothpick to dig it out carefully i hate it !!