Metallics - would you buy one? Have you owned one?

Will I love a metallic?

  • Yes go for it!

  • No it will wear and won't go with anything

  • If you have to ask the question don't do it

  • Metallics are not my cup of tea

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Jan 10, 2009
Hi-sorry for the quick post. Supposed to be packing to leave for the weekend.

I've seen a metallic gold bag I like. I thought it could be quite a versatile colour but I am worried about it wearing. Its from last season - do these metallics wear better?

I have posted this on the advice thread and gaga has been helping me but I'd appreciate as much input as I can get!
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Nov 29, 2007
I had a silver metallic quilted Bay and the coating wore off at the corners and edges very quickly. I think the metallics look fab when they're brand new, but as soon as the wear starts to show ( just basically revealing dulled dark leather patches underneath), they look very tatty. Given that my bag cost over £1k, I was VERY unhappy about the condition it ended up in and the speed with which this happened. I wouldn't buy a metallic bag again after that experience.


Jan 11, 2009
Metallics are not my cup of tea. Because I do not think they are versatile...not for me...they are too flamboyant for me. Maybe I would buy one on sale, if it would be a very very very good price just for adding it to my collection.
But I would probably never use it.
The only metallics I would maybe think about are the Paratys at Shirise. But have to see them IRL before...


Jun 7, 2006
I like subtle metallics. I don't have any Chloe metallics, but I do have a Marc Jacobs bronze Stam and it has worn well. It does have a little rubbing of color, but it is not really noticeable. Mine is more of a brushed, softer bronze, though. I like metallics on certain bags. I have seen a metallic Saskia, Paraty and Heloise and I have liked them all. Very subtle, soft metallic.
Sep 21, 2007
i had a OR silverado that had wear, and a aubergine that was worn to , so colours look ok as they wear, the gold paddies have tan leather underneath so they dont look so bad when they do wear.
you can buy som protecter from lovinmybags.


Mar 6, 2008
I love metallic bag, for me it's easy to wear clothes, it's hard to rub off, I own 4 ( can't remember tho) , but none of them get rub yet. The OR is distressed so I can not even tell it's rub off or it was made like that :smile:

I will vote for metallic bag.