Metallics owners... Question!

  1. Those of you who own bags from the metallics collection.. do you notice color rubbing off at the corners? I recently acquired a pewter first, and I'm noticing that one corner has color beginning to rub off.

    Now, I know corner scruffing is part of the deal with Bbags because of how soft the leather is, but this is different - because the corner is so scruffed, the color is vastly faded from the rest of the bag. Right now, it is still not noticable from afar (only upon close inspection), but I am worried that this may mean the metallic dye over the entire bag would eventually wear out (and I will be left with an incredibly faded bag that will look nothing like it's supposed to)

    So my question is - have any of you also experienced this? Is the color fading normal? (I have a white city, pink twiggy and choco WE, but apart from normal scruffing, the color on these hasn't actually faded, so even though you see the wear on the corners the color is still even throughout)

    Is there a way I can prevent the color fading? I am thinking of using the Appleguard stain repellent, but I don't know how the metallic dye will hold up under that.

    Any advice/experiences will definitely be appreciated! :yes:
  2. I have a Metallic Pink Rose Box, and have not experienced any rubbing off of the color. You might want to ask pf-er Ceejay though. She has a few metallic bags, and has had them much longer than me.
  3. Thanks Deana! :smile: I hope someone who has experience with metallics can help - I'm afraid to use my bag now cos I don't want it to scruff too badly!
  4. Hi Pyrexia, I have a silver City that I have had for quite a while now (more than one year). I certainly do not use it every day, but at least once a week, yes, and it has even landed on the floor in some situations. The leather is slightly scruffed and the rope on the handles is a bit darkened, but apart from that I have not noticed a hude amount of fading. Or, I should say, I have not noticed fading at all, and neither color transfer on any clothing piece in contact with the bag. BUT, I have to say, that as soon as I got it I treated it with a waterproofing spray. We do not have LMB products here but I bought something similar that I had to spray on the bag. It did not soak the leather as with the non-metallic bags, but I hung the bag over the bathtub and the spray in eccess just dripped off. I don't know if this helped the bag to stay pristine, might be! AFAIK my Silver is still shiny as the first day :yes:[​IMG]
  5. I have an 04-pewter weekender and yes, I have noticed the color coming off on the handles. I didn't treat the bag because I wasn't sure what products would do to the metallic lambskin leather. It's not a big deal, so I'm just living with it as it...;)
  6. Fraublucher, wow your silver city is :drool:!
    Did you treat your bag only once? Or was this treatment a weekly thing?
  7. esiders, do you use your pewter WE daily/regularly? I'm trying to gauge if I should rest my first only for special occasions.
  8. I have 04 Pewter Coin Purse and Mini Twiggy, and I've experienced the same thing. The corners of my Coin Purse have rubbed off...probably because it's inside my bag, rubbing against other things, but I don't think it's a big deal either.

    As for my Mini Tiwggy, I hardly ever use she's in pristine condition.
  9. Actually I treated only once for now!
    Oh BTW thank you for the drooling smiley. It *is* really gorgeous, I love her!
  10. Yes - I have quite a few of the Metallic Bags (especially the brighter colors - Magenta, Orange, Rouge, Bronze & Silver).

    I've had the Magenta the longest, and I can't say that I've experienced what you have ... HOWEVER, I don't use my bag every day. I switch my bags around quite a bit, and I think that is one of the reasons why they are all in pretty good condition.

    The biggest problem is with the '04/05 hardware (as it's painted the same color as the leather). A lot of people have complained about the paint chipping off (probably the reason why Balenciaga decided to NOT paint the '05 Metallics).

    Have you tried calling Balenciaga to see if they can shed some light on the problem that you describe, as well as provide a potential solution?
  11. I guess use it regularly. I use it for travel and in the summer.
  12. Here's a picture of the handles of my pewter can see where the color has rubbed away..but I still love her! :heart:

  13. Any tips with taking care of a metallic Bbag? Things such as how to prevent the colour from rubbing off. Does anyone recommend For Handles Only, Apple Garde or Apple conditioner? I have those three products, but I wonder if FHO or apple conditioner would do anything for this bag, as the leather is metallic. (A good condition new to me 2004 pewter first!)
  14. lots of good advice re: meticallics here!
  15. thx!