Metallics: Magenta and Silver

  1. Are bags made every season in these two shades or are they limited? I love the metallic magenta that Nicky Hilton has, and anything silver is just too cool.
  2. Balenciaga made metallics for the holiday season last year and the year before... as far as I know there are no plans for metallics for this holiday season.

    unfortunetly. metallics are still very 'hot' in fashion, I think they would have done well.
  3. I was hoping they would offer metallics this holiday season. I'm sorry I never bought a pewter Bbag.:crybaby:
  4. I don't know for sure but I just love my silver box.
  5. I know! Silver just seems like such a good alternative to black.
  6. Is the Magenta metallic? Doesnt look like it to me and I own several. Funny cause I am not a metallic fan.
  7. ^There's a regular magenta and a metallic magenta which is very loud, and I think very pretty too!
  8. No, the metallics were limited for the '04/'05 holiday seasons. :sad: I really wish they would reintroduce the metallics because they are very special bbags. I have a metallic pewter that I love so much. I've thought of selling it because I never use it but I'm afraid that I would never find another one if I did. :crybaby:
  9. Cool, mines the regular magenta then.
  10. I have the first in metallic silver. I have also thought about selling it too but thought I would regret it as well.