metallics in humid weather

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  1. Hey ladies,

    Read previous discussions on the issue of colors rubbing off for metallics. Just wanted to find out if there are any metallic owners living in humid climates and how are your metallics holding up?

    Appreciate any info I could get. Thanks.
  2. Hi qezash, I am in the Philippines and I'm pretty sure we invented humidity;)
    I have a dark white metallic reissue from earlier this year and have worn it A LOT but it still looks as good as the day I bought it:smile: No problems so far! I also just bought a metallic luxe bowler in dark silver from a consignment store- the bag must be a year old or more but it looks perfect.
    I do store my bags in dustbags on shelves inside a closet with louvered doors and I rotate my bags regularly. I find that if you store them for too long you will be in for a surprise when you next take them out:smile:
  3. Hey hipnycmom,

    Thanks so much for the reassurance as I just bought a black metallic reissue and actually like it a lot but was thinking of whether to keep it due to the possible maintenance issues.

    What surprise do you mean? So it's not advisable to store it in the dustbag I suppose? Is there any special care procedures that you take?

    Sorry for asking so many questions :sweatdrop:
  4. Dear I believe she is referring to molds.
  5. Ah molds.....Silly me :shame:
  6. like how long does it take for the mold to surface ?? ewww
  7. Keep your bags in air tight containers - in their canvas bags and use those disposable dehumidifiers!!!!