Metallics, how long will they last?

  1. Designer metallic bags will become classics each year imo. even lv is coming out with its mirroire line this fall in stores. the guccissima gold remains a hot item. and marc jacobs, dior and chanel also have metallic classics in their new collections. i believe they are here to stay, especially the leather-dyed luxe metallics. i too almost thought they would be gone but i think it is just the boho-inspired ones or the too-much-studded/grommets/tassled ones that will go. the metallic dye is too beautiful for a leather fashion item for the fashionistas to forget it.
  2. by the way! i'm not a chloe gal (although i wanna name my baby chloe hehe) but i think u got a chloe silverado :smile: . congrats! and welcome to tpf!
  3. I totally agree, pixie. When I asked the SA at Saks the same exact question (I was contemplating a YSL Muse in anthracite [pewter]), she replied, "I've worked in this department for 20 years and metallics have ALWAYS been here every year. I don't think they ever go out of style."

    GREAT point that the boho-inspired and grommets/tassle-galore designs will not "last" quite as long. I think with metallics, if you're looking for something that won't look too dated over the years, go with high-quality leather and simple styles/shapes with minimal ornamentation.
  4. thanks for you help, I think I'll have to carry it around to get used to the "flashyness" of it.
  5. I have had metallic purses since high school and that was over 25 years ago-they are always in style in some manner!
  6. They continually come and go in and 'out' of style. Any good, classic metallics are always a great choice!!
  7. I am sooooooo alone on this--I wish they'd go out of style, and quick! I just genuinely hate metallic leather, and a few really good bag designs have been really ruined with metallic leather, IMHO.
  8. with the right attitude and dress, who'll care if it's IN or OUT? ;)
  9. When I bought my Silver Marc Jacobs "Venetia" bag two years ago, I was worried it was just a fad, but I've come to realize that metallics are here to stay. In fact, they're hotter now than two years ago!
  10. Originally I thought that they were a passing fad. But now it seems like they are here to stay - as pixie brought up - many of the designers are incorporating the metallics in their fall lines.
  11. I think metallics will always be around whether it's subtle at the side or in your face.
  12. i was thinking the same with my still unused mj fran, its gold/bronze, and i didnt want to use it becuase i was worried about the same. i to need to get use to the "flashyness" lol i know exactly how you feel. but i love that silveraldo! chanels has some metallic luxe bags, MJ, etc. good thing i read this thread, its reassured me about metallics. so maybe i should look into buying that mj bifold or hipster..
  13. I have not been a big fan of them for myself, especially the "super shiny, almost glittery" kind. However, if I was under 30 yrs old, I would prob. love 'em.
    However, I am starting to like the dark bronze colors I've seen for fall and may get one. I would limit it to a lower priced bag though (under $250) so that if and when it did go out of style, I don't feel bad about not using it. Oh, but the new coach ones are nice!
  14. I agree.. metallics will always be instyle!