metallics for fall & metallic b bag question

  1. has anyone heard rumors of metallic colors for fall from balenciaga?

    or maybe i should just go ahead and buy at the end of may a black first hopefully with the new dull leather???? :huh:

    question about metallics ... for those of you that have them... does the metallic rub off easily after use? metallic bags of mine have done that but i have never owned a balenciaga... and i am dying to... so hard to wait but i really want a dull leather black or a petwerish metallic.
  2. I have a pewter hobo and it's holding up really well. I've only had it since Jan, but no signs of the metalic coming off.
  3. I have the 05 pewter city and the metallic is rubbing off on the corners/edges of the bag. This happened after about 2 weeks.:Push:
  4. Generally speaking, there's not much you can do about the metallic rubbing off. All metallic leathers are pretty much "dusted" with the metallic effect... It's pretty much getting "rubbed" off when you see areas of wear.
  5. i carried my metallic bbag for aages before the metallic rubbed off, and only at the lower corners...
    it takes a while..

    but also, the metallic finish makes the leather hardier than the normal goatskin anyway!!

    by the time the metallic rubs off, on a normal bbag the leather would have worn through its top layer anyway.. (you know that chafing you see on bbags lower corners' piping?)

    so.. overall, i think it's actually hardier than the normal bbags
  6. Also as I already wrote in another thread, it's altogether a different leather: it's calf, not goatskin. I don't think it's hardier, I would say it's thicker. But it's butter soft and seems quite sturdy.
  7. thanks for the info! hopefully we will hear about metallics for fall or holiday soon! i think i am going to start with a black first.