Metallic wears off on Chloes?

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  1. I just received the Metallic Betty Shopper today from NM! When I opened the box I was unhappy to see her in a white, generic, sleeper bag. Because I got such a Great first thought was that I could deal with that. Then I noticed there were no cards in the bag! Oooo, don't like that so much.:nogood: The bag is beautiful overall, yet with closer inspection I found the bronze metallic was worn off in several areas.:confused1: Is this normal? Do all the metallic bags wear like this?
  2. I had an anthracite paddy that was gorgeous, but with very little carrying some of the metallic finish started to wear off. I have heard of other people mentioning this problem with some metallic finishes.
  3. In my experience, yes, the metallic leather wears off very easily from metallic bags/coats regardless of the designer brand. Now I stay away from them.
  4. OMG I had no idea! This makes me weary of getting a metallic bag.
  5. That Betty is a beautiful bag--however, from what I have read from others the metallic does rub off. I personally had ordered one of those on sale, but returned it for several reasons......., there were not any Chloe cards with the bag, which I did not like either, I was afraid the color would rub off, and I love the Betty style, but have too many -- need to sell one, not add another. It did have a Chloe dust bag and seemed in perfect new condition. It's a great deal on that bag, if you love it, I would give them a call and let them know about the issues, they may discount it even more.
  6. I had an aubergine paddy that had little to no wear after a decent amount of use. The only places there was slight rub-off was the corners, and it really wasn't noticeable. I currently have an anthracite paddy that I've worn a good amount of times and it still looks brand new with absolutely no rub-off of color.

    Not sure why my bags don't lost their color... maybe I am just really lucky? :P
  7. I'm not sure with Chloe but generally the metallic leathers in most high end brands wear off. I'm told this is because they cannot dye through the leather with metallics like they do with a regular finish so most of the higher end bags laquer the leather. You also have to be more careful of what you use because of the dying process.
  8. No metallics for me, thats to much money to pay for a bag that you can't use!
  9. No this is not true.

    As you can see by my avatar I have a metallic Betty shopper in argent. Long ago I owned a brushed gold, JC purse and the finish wore off horribly (became dull and bald). However with my Chloe I throw in on the floor; I squeeze the handle constantly; I fling it over my shoulder and it bounces off walls (the little coin purse does at least)...anyway the bag looks stunning, the finish fine and the best benefit? the purse matches the most colored challenged outfits. Also I've had this bag since March and I wear it allot!

    Even if the purse started to wear (and it probably will) I won't care, it'll just have more charactor.

    Don't throw in the towel on Chloe metallics, they are way too appealling.:yes:
  10. Thanks for all your replies! I have purchased 5 Chloes in the last few months:yahoo::wtf:....I have 30 days to think about this one. I'll let you know what I do:confused1: Thanks susieserb! you are the reason I purchased the bag! Loved your avatar!
  11. :confused1:

    Gosh you sound like me, since November (and my poor withered cc shows this) I have purchased 5 Chloe bags; 3 chloe boots; 1 chloe wedge; 1 Chloe silk top; 2 cotton lace tops from See Chloe; 1 coolots (did I spell that right?). My god enough?????

    Tonight I was thinking of my next Chloe, purse purchase but I am turned off by it's full retail price and the so-so discount Diabro has to offer; it isn't enough IMHO? (oh Diabro's recent reputation crunch didn't help in furthering the matter.).

    I guess what I'm trying to say. I have to really,really,really like it and get the best possilbe price, whatever that is.........but it's not these!!!!!!!!!
  12. I love metallics, but I've never had an item in metallic leather, however expensive, that did not express wear. Sometimes it improves the look of the item, but sometimes it makes the item look like you should have thrown it away months ago. Hope it works out!!
  13. I love the look of Chloe metallic handbags, but I am on the fence about buying one because of the rub off factor.

    I'm not sure if anyone is into crafts, but has anyone tried using a fixative like Lascaux Spray Fixative to protect their handbag?

    I Googled Lascaux and have heard positive comments. Since is seals gold leaf, I was curious to see if it works on metallic leather.
  14. My aubergine paddy has experienced colour loss, particularly underneath the handles and on the edges of bag. This has revealed metallic silver underneath but I think it looks quite nice, given that the hardware is also silver!

    I've sent back a gold paddy and another aubergine paddy to NAP before because they arrived with noticeable colour loss. The gold had faded away in parts to reveal areas that were both black and red in colour!