Metallic Wallet on Chain

  1. I bought the wallet on chain two weeks ago in the dark silver and haven't had time to snap a picture of it. Anyway, a NM catalog came in today and I saw the beauty in the metallic black, and fell in love with it all over again.

    Thought I'll share the love here. :smile:

  2. thats adorable...I got that catalogue too..I like the shoes too..hehe
  3. beautiful!!
    modeling pic needed:tup:
  4. Those shoes are really cute!
  5. Crazy about this year's Met blk! Anyone how many you can fit in the wallet on Chain?

    Drooling over the shoes too...:drool:
  6. Very cute!
  7. COngrats!!!
  8. Gorgeous...does anyone have a pic of the inside?
  9. would love to see more pictures. It is so cute.
  10. Congrats. It's adorable.
  11. Congrats! its beautiful. how about some modeling pics? :smile:
  12. how much was this style? i've only seen the one with the big CC's stitched on the front
  13. how many what? credit cards? it's pretty small. but i love it too. i just couldn't fit my blackberry in it without it looking bulgy so i didn't get it when i saw it a while back. maybe i need a new phone! :tup:
  14. I have a dk silver metallic wallet-on-chain as well!! It's 1340. I will snap pics once the family's assembled :smile:
  15. can't wait for the pics!