Metallic Wallet on Chain or Camellia Wallet??? Help!

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Which should I get?

  1. Metallic Black wallet on chain

  2. Grey Camellia wallet

  3. Black Camellia wallet

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  1. Metallic Wallet on Chain: ($1325)

    Long Camellia Wallet: ($650 ish?)

    All pictures are courtesy of the reference library! Thanks gals!

    Basically, I'm stuck between getting the metallic black wallet on chain with CC closure or the Camellia wallet.

    I would only use the wallet on chain for evening use, like for clubbing and dancing. I don't think I would use it as an actual wallet, because I can't imagine stuffing something that cost that much into another bag on a daily basis.

    I would use the Camellia wallet as a daily wear wallet, although I am a bit concerned about the fact that it's lambskin. But it's just soooo gorgeous!

    Any advice??? Which would you girls choose? :love:
  2. tough decision! :shrugs:
  3. ^I know. eek. Sorry, took your pic from the reference library!

    I was wondering if you love yours and use it a lot. Also, can you fit a cell phone into it? Mine is a tad bit over half an inch thick...
  4. Metallic Wallet on Chain, is what I would get. :tup:

  5. No worries!:p

    I love mine, and yes I can put my iphone in it and close it w/ no problems. The wallet opens out a lot more than you think. If you look at the catalog photo, it's kinda deep for a wallet. I can put my compact and lipstick in it as well. I also use it when I go to the movies, too. I don't save any bags to use for special occasion anymore. I paid a lot of money for them and I am going to get my money out of it! ;) Good luck deciding. I ended up getting the wallet on chain and the small camellia wallet. Keep us updated!
  6. ^Thanks!!! That helps a lot. I read in another thread that you can't fit much into it, but looking at how far it opens, I figured I'd at least be able to sneak in a phone, lip gloss, and my keys (when taken off my keychain).

    I'd really like to get the camellia wallet at some point, but I hope it doesn't get sold out by the time I have the money to get that too.

    There are absolutely no more of the metallic wallet on chain that I pictured at Chanel Boutiques across the US. Apparently there is one in New York, but it's damaged so obviously I won't buy that one. Neiman Marcus has it, and I can order it online through the catalog quick order. I just feel bad though, since my SA won't be getting the commission if I do decide to buy.

    Also, I get 3% rebate through ******.com lol!
    (*edit* - I guess TPF blocks out the link to other websites?)
  7. hey missisa07 i just sent you a pm!
  8. ^Thanks lovely, just replied. :yes:
  9. If I remember correctly, your SA can order the wallet for you from the catalog/internet through the store and still get commission. One of previous SA used to do that. I would ask check with her before you order it.
  10. ^My only SA is from the Chanel boutique, so I can't order it through her to get it from Neiman Marcus. Sorry I didn't clarify that earlier.

    Well, I just ordered it! Get about $40 back with my rebate, which is pretty small compared to the bigger pictures of the whole price, but $40 is $40.

    I'm so excited. Maybe I can still get the camellia wallet as a Christmas present, or even the camellia card holder.

    Thanks so much for all your help guys! I can't wait to get it and I'll be sure to post pics of all my new purchases once I get them all rounded up. :love:
  11. Also, if anyone else is interested in the metallic wallet on chain, you can order it like I did online.

    Catalog code is F807, item number is 15B. :yes: Also, there's a 3% rebate site, so you can PM me if you want the link to that. Had to pay tax and a $5 processing fee, but the shipping was free thanks to NM's shopping codes. Hope that helps anyone who was looking for the same thing!
  12. I would say my 1st pick would be the metallic wallet in a chain and 2nd the long camellia wallet in black :heart:
  13. Congrats on the bag, it's gorgeous. I love the wallet on chain. Great choice.
  14. I will still choose the black camellia wallet as i prefer this style..:smile:
  15. The wallet on chain in metallic is beautiful .. but I like the camellia wallet to :smile: