Metallic Tote Paddington...

  1. Are the linings of the new ones dark brown??

    I'm thinking about getting a metallic bag because I don't have one...and I love the Paddington leathers...
    I was thinking bronze or gold...

    Anyone have one and love it?
  2. I bought my daughter a silver Paddy in March at the Chloe store near me. Almost immediately the silver was wearing off (my daughter babies her bags), we took it back and they gave me another...the same problem...4 bags later, I gave up and I got my money back. (under the silver is brown leather)It seems Nordstroms and Chloe were getting alot of returns on the metallic Paddingtons. My daughter bought the Aubergine one though and she hasnt had any problems with it, so who knows! Maybe they fixed the problem!
  3. ^^^^^^ dang i can't believe that on the silver paddy :wtf:
  4. That is not good.. Maybe that is another reason they were marked down @ Nordies and BG? :wacko: At least you are not having problems with Aubergine. Such a beautiful color! :yes:
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