Metallic toes?

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  1. All, is there a trick to preserve metallic toes in peep-toes? So far my NPs are ok since I haven't worn them much, but my VPs with gold toe have seen better days. There are nice bald spots where my big toes sit and I know that can't be saved, but are there tricks to keeping my newer pairs in better shape?
  2. Techie...honestly? As crafty as you could teach US how to preserve the metallic ;)...I would just hit bald spots with a touch of acrylic craft paint....
  3. Or a metallic paint pen if its the right color-I've done that to the points of gold boots (not CLs) and they heels of my decolzeps, which were a little bruised, and it worked just fine.
  4. I'm just sooo scared to experiment with my shoes, L&A. :nuts: I had considered clear nail polish...
  5. Hmm acrylic paint...I don't have any gold lying around but that's not a bad idea. If it screws up, my toe will cover it anyway. ;p
  6. They have really rich pigment and will stay put (acrylics) I paint with a lot of them and I would for sure give it a go on my UHG's when the time comes....
  7. Running to Michael's later...thanks!