Metallic strapless leather dress for everyday wear, possible?


May 17, 2010
Brussels, Belgium
Hello everyone,

I have a silver metallic strapless dress that looks great on me and like to know if it is possible to work something like that into daily life. I've worn it twice: New years eve and night out dancing with the girls. I thought I might re-home it but find it difficult to let go if it. I need help! I do not really want to be a hoarder but maybe I just lack imagination on other possible uses. Help, advice or a plain wake up call welcomed. TIA


May 18, 2007
Consider this your wake-up call...
Metallic, leather, and strapless are not typically considered "everyday" wear. Even a single component (like metallic for example) can be difficult to style as everyday wear, let alone having three elements that are not consistent with the term "everyday wear." Save it for evening wear:smile:


Jan 12, 2006
Sorry, but I agree.
Leather + metallic + strapless = not daytime/everyday wear.
Feb 8, 2008
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Depending on where you work and what it your lifestyle, it could work! Also depends on the cut of dress and where the hem line hits your leg.
I can see a simple strapless dress if it hits right above the knee, in silver leather can double as a pencil skirt. Wear a cashmere loose turtle neck in a grey color with black tights (very opaque) and simple heels or even cimple ballet flats. You need to down play the sex appeal of the dress.
For inspiration look at some pictures from Alexander Wang, Vince, Reed Karakoff. They do have a lot of mix of leather with knits.


May 17, 2010
Brussels, Belgium
Vhdos and swanky I was afraid of that.

Amee I was hoping for that. It is a sweetheart neckline and hits above the knee. I knew on it's own, a no go for daytime but was hoping for camouflaging tips. I will check out these designers and what they propose. I cannot wear it to work as I work in a lab. Second thought maybe as I wear a labcoat all day (maybe defeats the purpose). Arrgh!

Back to my senses: Vhdos & Swanky are right but the options of amee can make it a happy hour option and not just NYE or clubbing.


Jan 3, 2008
I used to have a silver metallic leather pencil skirt that I would wear with a black cashmere sweater-It was actually a very proper and ladylike looking outfit. Try it with a black sweater and tights and booties or other not too evening shoes. Whether it works will probably depend on the cut and fit of the skirt.

Don't feel bad, I have a leather dress from 1998 that I can't bear to get rid of!


Mar 3, 2009
^^ I agree with amee, you can work your dress in more ways with some creativity and not neccessarily relegate it to party wear only. I like the idea of using it as a skirt - wear with a chunky turtleneck or sweater as suggested and cinch it with a belt. For example a cream cableknit chunky turtleneck or heather camel sweater worn with ballet flats would tone down the leather+metallic, and would be perfect for the current festive season.

You can also try wearing a t-shirt, long sleeved tee or thin turtleneck inside the strapless dress to convert it into a longer sleeved dress. Or a crisp white shirt inside with pumps, I think that would look quite chic.

Lots of ways you can play with this, have fun trying out the different combos!
Oct 6, 2007
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metallic strapless leather dress sounds like it wont work for everyday wear but I think if you throw a grey or neutral toned sweater over the dress (crew neck, V neck, turtleneck etc) black opaque tights with flat knee boots or something like Jcrew's macallister wedge (these are great! I have them and they give you a bit of height and are super comfortable!!) it can tone down the sexiness of the dress.

you can add different textures to your outfit too but try to stay away from anything shiny, or sparkly to help neutralize the metallic leather :biggrin:

Mia Bella

Mar 27, 2008
Unfortunately, like others have said, your dress (on its own) isn't appropriate for everyday wear...but you can definitely try to dress it down by wearing a black sweater over it and presenting it as a skirt. I think that no matter what, you'll still look dressed-up and it'll never be a casual, everyday piece.


Jan 24, 2009
Pair it with a black blazer and a cute scarf. I think black tights and cute ballet flats will help tone down the look. Therefore you can wear it in the daytime. Then you can ditch the blazer and scarf at night and flats for heels and be party ready!