Metallic Stam

  1. I've seen pictures of a blue metallic stam in the uk editions of Vogue and also in i-D, i was wondering if anybody could tell me anymore about it. It looks lovely but the picture qualities in both magazines was pretty poor. Does it come in other colours etc

    Thank you x
  2. i think its the spring summer 2007 python stam your talking about - though not 100% positive....
  3. I dont know, this is it in i-D, where it is just labelled "Bag by Marc Jacobs"

  4. ^ That's Stam from S/S 2007 PATCHWORK PYTHON line, it's $4000USD. It comes in Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Purple. It's expected to hit stores in March-April 2007.
  5. This is an amazing bag I think it will sell out & probably be the MJ bag of the season
  6. Here's a bigger picture from 2/07 issue of British Vogue (scanned by PFer Chloehandbags):
  7. I agree with you Roz. =) Patchwork and Python work on this style and color, it's stunning! Definitely a traffic stopping bag.
  8. Thats amazing, oh but I want it in black!!
  9. Python doesn't pop in black. =) According to magazines, pastels and metals (especially silver) are big for this season.

    If you like the big quilting, Stam is available in regular leather Black for $1550USD; I saw it in Ivory at the Trunk Show last November, the leather is smooth (guessing that it's goat leather). You can see the pictures here:

    PATCHWORK Stam ($1550USD): Black, Ivory, Slate
    PATCHWORK METALLIC Stam ($1650USD): Bronze, Deep Purple, Blush, Lavender, Silver
    PATCHWORK PYTHON ($4000USD): Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple
    PATCHWORK CANVAS Stam ($1275USD): Ivory, Smoke
    QUILTED CLASSIC Stam ($1350USD): Black, Ivory, Brown, Green, Blue, Natural
  10. Aww, thank you! I've been a bigger lover of the stam for a while now but never purchased one. I saw the new design and thought it was stunning.
    I might look into the green one, however i think in black it would be so much more versitile and would swap easily from a day bag to a night one. However i cant buy things they don't sell!! Do you know if the green is more viberant or a rich emerald green?
  11. Black is the most versatile color, it's usually the best selling color. They make more of Black for any given style as well (like 10 Blacks, 3 Greens).

    Are you referring to the PATCHWORK PYTHON Green or QUILTED Green?

    Here is my scanned image (from InTouch Magazine) of QUILTED Green, it came out lighter than the actual picture.
  12. Python Green, but thank you anyway for all your help :]
  13. Black is always a good colour, most versatile. I think the green would be very limiting!