Metallic spy "Fortuny"

  1. Well, Ayla got me on a search this morning.... My SA in Florida E-mailed me this just now. That is the actual bag that is available to me....also the cognac with the sequins that SJP has been photographed with. I am not going to take either.:sad: The metallic is too gold for me and big! I wanted the hobo in metallic, not the spy. Hard to let go....what do you think?:sad:
  2. wow that's pretty. but i like it in petro better...
  3. He called last week with a petrol but my husband answered the phone and told him to call back. The SA told me tonight that he forgot to call me back and it was sold....he actually laughed when he said that!:evil: Oh well...

    Should I let the metallic go?...He sold 2 of them today, it's the last one!
  4. oh man!!! that sucks!

    yeah i would let this one go, it looks too trendy metallic...

  5. Thanks Fayden, that is all I needed to hear:love: . Rather spend the money on a more long-term bag. I am glad I said "no thank-you!":P
  6. I agree that copper metallic is super trendy. Hold out for one you love, one that you have no doubt about.
  7. Totally.:smile:
  8. sorry to hear about that! it's a beautiful bag, but the combo of metallic and spy probably make it a little too trendy for long term, so like the others said, maybe it's a blessing in disguise.

    speaking of metallic and too trendy, what about pewter balenciaga? i'm to the point where i have to buy now or forever hold my peace, and the pewter is dark enough to be useful after the trend is less trendy (at least i think it is), but i don't know. i'm so torn! any opinions? i know this is off the subject...
  9. I think that the pewter balenciaga is a keeper (beautiful color, classic shape) and will be useful after the metallic trend is over, very much like I am sure the anthracite paddy is a keeper .. huh, as I was typing, I realized that fayden owns both :amuse:
  10. thank you for the reassurance! it makes me feel a lot better, since it's an ebay auction and i can't have it held for me while i decide. i'm 10000% sure it's authentic, i've talked to a lot of people about the seller and gotten a million extra pics, so now i just have to know for sure. i've got like a day. i can picture myself wearing it with like everything in my summer wardrobe, though, because i tend to go a little funkier in summer than in winter, and i love the color and style...i think i might make a thread about this. hmmm.

    fayden has great taste, by the way :smile:
  11. Star, I agreed that you should let the gold spy go and get something that's more classy on the safe side.

    Amanda, I like the pewter B-bag so I advise you to go for it.
  12. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw thanks! i'm just addicted to anything metallic. lol. but i try to stick with pewter =) you'll love it! :lol:
  13. I was on the waitlist for this FOREVERRRR, but was not able to get it. The new gold is coming out for s/s 06 though so I was going to wait on that. But I really don't want another spy.
  14. Amanda ... DEFINITELY, ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY get the Pewter B-Bag now!!! Frankly, I'm surprised that someone didn't jump on that baby when it was first put up by Maerim. Friends of mine who managed to get their hands on one all say it's their favorite bag. Because it's not "silver" per se, it doesn't look tacky, but yet, it can look classy for evening as well as with jeans during the day.

    Good luck girlfriend! :biggrin:
  15. When I first saw this bag, I SO wanted it!!! I've still been thinking about it; I can't believe that it's still around!