Metallic Spy Bag

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  1. Just noticed the new spy bag on Neiman Marcus. Its the Metallic Spy Bag. I personally like this better than the hologram. Its really cute.

    It costs 2,410
  2. beautiful
  3. i'm sooooooooooooo in love with it i have to have it!!! can someone send one up to canada for me???:biggrin:
  4. I love the bag itself but not in this metallic color...silver/gold.
  5. Ahhh thanks for the info! I have been in love with this gold silver spy since Vlad and someone else posted on the thread a few months ago. I put my name on the waiting list on the Fendi store and I wonder when they are going to call me???

    I am glad to find out that NM has it now although it's pre-order til 04/27/06 (I think when they ship it). Ohhh it seems too long but I just ordered it!:love: :nuts: . Ohhh...I just told myself NO MORE BAGS for me for at least 6 months!!!!

    Cristina!!!!! I need the intervention!!! :nuts: :nuts: . I already have the regular spy dark brown and love it!!! But I LOVE this one too!!!
  6. I love this bag! Lucky you, sweetea, I would love to order this bag. I have the regular spy in cognac and I'm pretty sure my DH would flip if I bought another spy.:sad:
  7. :lol: LOL..there is no way I will tell my husband I am purchasing this bag after spending more than 3,000 for the SF Ostrich just last week. I will tell him after the bag get into the house!! :lol:

    Well, maybe by April I will have the fund for this gold/silver spy. I got to save save!!
  8. I'm here, I'm here! But unfortunately, I can't help you because that is one gorgeous bag :lol: I would take this one over the dark brown spy any day. The only colors I would rather have are honey and petrol.

    I think we need a more powerful intervention, since obviously I am of no help :shame: Paging wicked! :lol:
  9. I love this bag :love: Its so..angelic looking? Ethereal? Very eye catching. Maybe I should go test drive a spy before getting too worked up over this bag :amuse: For all I know they could look hideous on me.
  10. I knew it! I knew it!! We are helpless!!:lol: . Maybe after this one NO MORE BAGS for me until December? :lol: :lol: .

    Oh NO! I have to hide from Wicked!:worried:
  11. That one is cute, I like it a lot :biggrin:
  12. Holy cow! That is pretty!!!
  13. i think i'm in love!

    sweetea, yayyyyyyy i want to see pictures once it comes!! (haha darn it! i have to wait until april)
  14. Oooh! This is dangerous!!!! I wish I didn't look at this thread at all!!!! ARGGGHHHH!!!! The temptation is too much!
  15. I thought I was the only wife who waits for the hubby to leave and then sneaks the Fendi's into the closet!! My DH would freak if he saw this website, however, it is a tremendous relief to know there that all of you are out there!! I am not alone!!