Metallic Spy, and Neiman Marcus customer service..

  1. As some of you know I bought the Metallic spy a few weeks ago and LOVE it!!! Well, I have only carried a few times and noticed that one of the knots on the handles was pulled loose...I was going to ignore it and hope it did not drive me crazy! Well, no such luck, It drove me crazy. I contacted Neimans on line and the customer support was INCREDIBLE!!! I ordered another one and its on its way, I simply have to put the damaged one in the box the new one comes in and send it back for a refund. It was a painless exchange. I was so happy with the help I was given. Just thought I would share! Have any of you had troubles with the little knots?

  2. That was nice of them. Glad it worked out.
    I'm still waiting to see pics of you modeling your lovely spy :yes:

    You are one of my bag inspirations. (that's a nice way of saying I'm a copycat :lol: )
  3. Yes.:yes: I had the same problem with my dark brown spy when I bought it and didn't realize of the knots on the handle pulled loose. I knew when I saw that one loose knot I had to return the bag. I returned it to the Fendi store and they got me the new perfect dark brown but I had to wait for a week for a new one.

    I expect a perfect bag for the money I paid for the bag. And I got it!:biggrin:
  4. Sunshine & Sweetea, It's great that both of you were able to get fantastic customer service to get the loose knot problems with your bags resolved!!!

    I have my fingers crossed that I can get similarly great customer service from Bloomingdales -- the cover for the small, secret compartment on the handle of my chocolate spy will not stay closed and tomorrow I will try to find out what, if anything, they can do to fix it. Wish me luck!!
  5. I'm glad it wasn't a hassle for you, Sunshine! I don't own a Spy so I'm not sure if this is a common occurence or not. Maybe some of the other PF members will know.

  6. Good luck and let us know. I order from Bloomingdales all the time b-cuz I don't have to pay taxes and I too am curious to know about the customer service. I've returned things before but never had to exchange due to something being defective.
  7. I got off the phone with the Fendi handbag department at the Bloomingdales in NYC where I purchased my spy. IMHO, the available options at Bloomingdales for such an expensive purchase are not as great after reading the posts on Niemans.

    They said they would happily send the bag to Fendi to repair the hardware, but I would not be able to get a new bag. :hrmm: I have to bring the bag and receipt (to ensure I purchased it from them) to the store, they send the bag to Fendi, and the whole process takes 3 weeks. Of course, it could very well be that sending it out was the only option offered to me because I had a hardware, and not a leather problem.

    I am going to call tomorrow to speak with my SA, just to double check. She wasn't in today.

  8. I was just going to suggest that you speak to your regular SA as well. And even then if you are not happy with the answer that you get go to the store manager.

    Good luck
  9. I received my replacement spy today. The leather is not a worn looking, the clasp snaps closed tighter, and the little tied knots all looked to be tied noce and tight...I will post another pic tonight. It looks good! It took FOREVER to get the new one...oh well. I really appreciated the kind Sa.
  10. Good. We'll stay tuned :yes:
  11. Hey I luvbags..miss talking to you!! Did you end up keeping both spys???? (I know its killing you to decide)
  12. Yup. Still have them both for now. I just listed my paddy on ebay so hopefully that will sell and I might keep them both. We'll see :yes:
  13. Good for you, Sunshine. I had exactly the opposite experience with Neiman Marcus.

    I placed an order at 11am EST for next-day shipment of a $2200 Prada bag for my wife for our anniversary. I placed the order from Neiman Marcus instead of one of the many other online places that also carried the exact same bag because I incorrectly assumed they'd be the most reliable.

    I was very wrong. The next day, the bag never arrived. And there was no notification whatsoever.

    After calling customer support not once but twice, I finally got an alibi that because this was such a large purchase, they needed to contact the credit card company. Great! I applaud the security! But, hey, why not call ME as well to let me know that the extra money I paid for next-day air is no longer buying me anything!

    Customer support, while accommodating, was no help today. I understand that the people answering the phones aren't actually fulfilling the orders, so I asked to speak with a manager. This took 20 minutes of listening to on-hold music before I got a person on the line who verified that yes, it was in fact one day later, and no, the order hadn't yet shipped, and oh, could we ship it somewhere else?

    Unbelievable. The next time I'd like a coupon for $5 off an appetizer at the Cheesecake Factory, I'll be sure to shop at Neiman Marcus. The next time I'd actually like to have my merchandise arrive when I want it to? I'll be going elsewhere.
  14. ^Aw, I'm sorry Bile. That is so frustrating! :cursing: I hate terrible service at dept stores!
  15. never purchase frm neiman before as they dont ship internationally. but glad that u can return for refund and get the new one so quickly! =)