Metallic Spy Alert!

  1. Fellow PFers, I can no longer contain my excitement, even though what I'm about to say is premature and untested:

    I think the Metallic Spy Jomashop is selling for half of retail may be authentic! I just received mine and have been examining the hell out of it, and I can't find any indicia of fakeness.

    However, since I'm a Spy newbie (never seen the metallic IRL), please take my exhuberance with a grain of salt until I can post photos.

    I took a chance with Jomashop given their 30 day money back guarantee and the mini vote of confidence Fendigal gave them on this site. My heart was pounding out of my chest as I unwrapped my Metallica Spy, and it did not disappoint. I'm giddy! I hope the photos I post pass expert scrutiny. Stay tuned!
  2. :huh: Half off retail? Wow...sounds too good to be true!
  3. I can not wait to see!!! Mine sure was FULL price!!!! I love it though!!
  4. Ok, give it to me straight. If it's fake, I'm shipping it back. I crunched up the authenticity card when stuffing it back in the secret compartment, but that shouldn't affect return.

    What's the verdict?
  5. Who is Jomashop? Is that an eBay store. Isn't there a Fendi in Denver? If so, take it there and have the SA take a look.
  6. Jomashop is an internet store, mainly selling watches. I bought a Bulgari watch from them over a year ago and it was authentic. They sometimes also sell small variety of Fendi bags, and their selection is usually pretty limited. This one came in recently and I grabbed it.

    There is no Fendi store in Denver, but I can take it to Neimans .
  7. Any thoughts anyone? Did I buy myself an imposter?
  8. Congrats that bag looks real to me. Amazing steal
  9. I think that it might be authentic. Does the inside lining has the words FENDI written on it sparingly in small print? There are so many details that look right with this bag, but the font on the leather serial tag isn't sitting entirely well with me. Could be the deep shadows that are in the pic.
  10. Thank you estile and Greendrv! I am so glad and relieved that the verdict (at least so far) is good.

    Greendrv, the interior is a beigy soft linen-like material with very few Fendis (sparingly, like you say) written vertically. I'll post more pics tonight of the interior and try to get better ones of the leather serial tag.

    What the pics don't capture is that the leather doesn't feel "floppy" soft, which I think is linked to the heavy-handed gold application. The leather is very soft where the color is mostly silver and stiffer where there's more gold. There's much more gold in the front and more silver in the back. I'm hoping the gold parts soften over time.
  11. hi decophile, I was checking that website I see the have more Spy, Could you share w/us the results of your investigation w/NM? would like to know if your bag is authentic. I will like to buy the multicolor they have for sale.
  12. Highmaintenance, I won't get to NM until this weekend, and even then I should tell you that I trust and respect the experts on this forum more than I do the SAs at NM. They're very nice and helpful at NM in Denver, but not necessarily knowledgeable.

    But my experience with Jomashop itself has been pretty good, and they have a good return policy which is why I took a chance with this spy.
  13. Here are follow up pics. I also included another general shot in natural daylight.

    So, what do you think?
  14. They have a couple of different spy's left such as the (striped denim, wisteria in whiskey, multicolored, and a gold) There's also some BBags.:flowers:
    Decophile- I really hope that you got an authentic Spy.:flowers::heart:
  15. I am no expert but it looks pretty good to me :yes: