Metallic Soy

  1. Just had to let you all know I finally carried my spy last night...its been in its dust cover for months!! I had on a gorgeous dress and the bag looked FAB!!! I love that bag.....:heart:
  2. dont you hate it when you mis spell the thread
  3. I LOVE this bag. Its sold out in London, and I think its the prettiest bag Fendi's done. Esp as this seasons colours are grey and gold. Perfect!
  4. I bought the Gold/silver Spy about 4 weeks ago from fendi sloane st- but only last week they were selling it on net a It's gone now.. and it was about £80 cheaper on NAP!
  5. :lol: sorry to have fun at the typo's expense, but it caught my eye and I had to check what this was about!!

    anyway, congrats and I'm sure you and your Spy were super hot! :flowers:
  6. post piiiics!
  7. ^ I posted a lot of pics a few months ago when I got it....Im sure the thread is around here somewhere!!!
  8. OMG Sunshine, you just got around to using it now? I bet you looked fabulous :flowers:
  9. The metallic ones are gorgeous! I only like a few spys and metallics are on top of that list!
  10. ...yes and it is now sold out in London Sloane st and no more in Harrods. They are not restocking either. Shame shame.
    Shoxking that it was cheaper on NAO though. NAP is known to add a little on it's buy price and is usually about the same as regular retail. The swines!
  11. Awesome, glad to hear you enjoy the outting.