Metallic Soho Hobo- thoughts?

  1. Hello all-
    I just checked out the metallic soho hobo on the website, and it's beautiful! Has anyone seen this bag in real life? If you have a metallic Coach product, how does the leather wear? I was thinking about the wristlet, too, but will all of the finish/sheen wear off easily? Also, how large is this hobo? I have the small size. More importantly, do you have photos of you wearing a large Soho hobo? Many thanks!
  2. i think it's cute
  3. I like it too.
  4. I saw it in person and the leather has a unique texture. Kinda pebbly, kinda smooth, kinda lizardy (don't know how else to describe it.)

    I liked it. (Saw the flap bag at Macy's, and the wristlet at the store.)

    My Mom hated it, she didn't like the pewter color with the dark brown leather. I thought it was quite unique. She would've preferred a bronze.
  5. I have the legacy leather tote from a last year in the metallic bronze (that is what Coach calls it) but it is really a pewter color. While I love that bag the metallic wore off a little on the bottom corner of the bag . My Coach SA said it is normal wear on leather bags like this. I just want to clarify that the metallic does not rub off on handles or anywhere else on the bag...just the botton corners from sitting the bag down. I also agree that the leather is more pebbled and is unique in its look.