metallic silver Pewter? first on ebay France *WARNING: DO NOT BID*

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  1. WHHHHHAAATTTTT:cursing: ??? contact eBay right now!!! if ur complaint has to be written in French let me know I'll help (dead bored at work)
  2. She said it would take a couple of weeks to get here so I haven't really worried about it until now.

    eBay won't be able to help as she said it was an urgent sale, cancelled the auction and we worked it out "on the side". F**k! I knew this would come back and bite me on the ass. Goody! It also seems that the original seller is no longer registered. I used Paypal and she had the eBay auction number in it, so I wonder if it's still worth contacting eBay.
  3. Thanks for your help for translation Olfa, I think I might just take you up on that!
  4. report the auction right now
    now I don't know if you should contact the seller now cause she might disappear without a trace
    anyway I'm behind my comp and happy to help
  5. You're a sweetie Olfa, I've just emailed you.

    I've just opene a dispute with Paypal and reported the current auction. Thanks so much for posting this listing so that I would have known! You rock!
  6. Let us all know how it works out! Good God, yet another scam B-girls have to know about :cursing: !
    (on a lighter note: I love your signature Cal, always cracks me up :P )
  7. Thanks for your help Olfa, you're such a sweetie!

    Wow, what a way for me to finally pop my Ebay-Scam cherry!
  8. Oh no..... :sad: Cal, I am so sorry - I will add a warning to the title. I hope it all works out :heart:
  9. oh, no, cal!! i hope you are able to work it out somehow!
  10. oh no Cal! If you need me for any Ebay help, feel free to contact me.
  11. geez, cal, that is awful:confused1: if you file a claim with paypal, even though it was off ebay, will they freeze the funds in her account until resolved?
  12. That is horrible. I have no faith in Ebay whatsoever anymore. My Mom just got a bag on there and then she found out it was a seller that has sold fakes in the past. Sigh..... I told her not to, she didn't listen. Hopefully hers will be authentic, but I am disenchanted with Ebay at this point. They have to be aware of the massive fraud and scams yet they allow it and look the other way for the sake of $$$$$$$$$$$$. Tsk tsk shame on you Ebay. :cursing:
  13. OMG, i'm soooooooooooooo sorry Cal, i can't believe this happened to you :crybaby:...i hope you're able to get your $$$ back sweetie...i almost got scammed 2 weeks ago by a buyer in the philippines...i can't believe e-bay & paypal allow this to happen :hysteric:
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