Metallic Silver Paddy @ BG

  1. free shipping code CARD7


    i just can't live with the silver or I'd buy it myself!!!
  2. Should have said 50% off!!
  3. Is it online? I don't see it!
  4. Sorry, yes it was on and for $890, IIRC.

    I was in a huge hurry, running late to a meeting or I would have posted the direct link and all particulars.

    Looks like someone snapped it up fast: when I check back 55 min later it was gone. Sorry!!
  5. Did anyone get this?? What a great deal!
  6. I picked up my new chocolat paddy this afternoon and saw some of the new metallics and was suddenly very sad I didn't get this silver one!!

    It was a steal!

    The SAs at Nordies seriously didn't believe me. Ah well ;)
  7. Wow! That was a great deal!