Metallic Rocker on

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  1. Ok is the metallic rocker in black new or not? I noticed that it has the blue polka dot lining. the delivery date says 11/25/2010. I am kind of dumbfounded.
  2. Anyone know?
  3. I know I saw the bronze on their site before, and I believe the black as well. I'm pretty sure it's not new, but new-ish and Bloomies is just waiting for new stock. HTH!

    It's weird though because it had gone on sale and I was annoyed that I had missed the Bronze...I thought it was a clearance sale, guess not.

    In the end I've decided to pass on it just because metallics don't wear all that well.
  4. doesn't use the newest photos, so its hard to tell what you are getting
  5. If it were in stock I know it would be old but since it says availabe 11/25/2010 delivery date its got me thrown off. Gonna have to email them.
  6. ^you might have better luck emailing RM, they would know over CS at bloomies
  7. ^^^so right bloomies didnt know a thing about it.
  8. I sent an emil to RM. Hopefully I'll get a response back soon. I have feeling the polka dot lining is coming back in Nov/Dec.

    ******I ordered the metallic 3 zip rocker from Bloomingdales a few days ago. Its the one in Tequila(black) with gunmetal hardware and it has the black and blue polka dot lining. My question is would this be an old rocker left over from last year or is this a new bag coming in November? Is the polka dot lining coming back this November? Also the delivery date says 11/25/2010 from Bloomingdales.
  9. Thank you for your email. This is a brand new bag for Bloomingdales coming
    out in November. We do change our lining a lot, but this is a new one that
    we are using. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you!

    Nicole Hulsen
    Customer care associate