Metallic Reissues

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  1. This may seem like a silly question but can you wear them as a daytime bag? Those of you girls that have them do you wear them day time or just when going "out"? I have one and I rarely use it because I am always conflicted as to wether or not it is ok. LEt me know your opinions please and what you ladies wear them with:tup:
  2. I wear as both a day and evening bag. I have a light silver 226, which is pretty showy, but it still works as a day bag with the right toned-down outfit.
  3. Mine is Metallic Black- I wear mine anytime.

    I think I'd wear dark silver all day too if I had one!
  4. If I had one, I wouldn't mind wearing it day or night. Such a stand out bag!
  5. I'm planning of wearing my D/S for both day n night, it looks great with the right outfit regardless the time i would say..

    I was thinking since metallic bag is quite 'eye catching already', i would tone them down with more neutral colour like grey / black / white *depends on ur bag's colour*

    HTH :heart:
  6. I've got both the dark silver and the black metallic 227 reissues. I think they look great during day or at night!
  7. I've got the metallic black and dark silver 226 reissues, dark gold 227, and light silver 225... with the exception of the light silver reissue (unless it was the perfect outfit... it's a bit too small, but could be very cute worn messenger style for a more casual look), I've worn them all during the day into night (though I've only used my metallic black once so far)! :tup: :heart: I don't pair the bags with flashy clothing (they stand out enough on their own), but I've worn them out to dinner/shopping, etc. :smile: I definitely think you could rock your metallic reissue with daytime clothing... I'm sure it would look fabulous! :tup:
  8. thanks girls!!! I have the dark silver 227 I got LAST FALL and have barely worn it, I am definetly going to start more often, just with basic clothing :okay:
  9. ^Ohhh, you definitely should!! :nuts: :heart: I bought my dark silver 226 last fall too, and I need to give it some more love haha. :p The 227 is a fabulous size for more casual wear too! :heart: IMO, DS looks pretty against brown (because of the gorgeous bronzey undertone), purple, black, cream, burgandy, some prints (I have a top that's cream and the second color is basically the color of the reissu, but subdued), black, etc. etc. :smile: Have fun wearing her out and about! :tup: