Metallic reissues, help. what color is this?

  1. Please help me determine what metallic color is this? is it dark silver or light silver? thank you in advance
    Metallic Reissue.jpg
  2. hard to tell.. my guess is dark silver...
  3. that looks like dark silver to me. Light silver is very bright and blingy, its a true silver (i.e. no gold/bronze undertones).
  4. Yes I agree. The shown in my avatar is a light silver reissue. You can compare.
  5. thanks so much rica and nightshade!
  6. no prob jen! :biggrin: anytime! :biggrin: (I'm still in love with that light silver reissue... LOL!)
  7. ^^^rica, did you get your light silver already?
  8. nope. no calls / e-mails yet. you're planning to get one too?
  9. ^^^nope, i want a metallic but maybe in dark silver or a rose gold i am not yet sure. I AM SO UNDECIDED!!!!
  10. cant go wrong with either colour, they're both beautiful! ;)
  11. I'd say it's light silver but on my monitor I can see some golden shades !!!Could it be the light gold like Rica's taken under strong light?My light silver doesn't have any gold shades at all!