Metallic reissues available at Bloomies....

  1. At SCP (South Coast Plaza) in CA. Today I saw a jumbo black metallic reissue as well as a 226 size. Also available is a dark silver 226 and and a light silver 225. They had very nice inventory.... I'm not familiar with many of the bag's names but I know my reissues :yes:
  2. Thanks for letting us know! I'm hoping to drive down to the SCP mall sometime soon.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  3. Also if you dont' have a bloomies card I believe if you open one you get 10% off.
  4. Did you happen to see if they had any black metallic wallets? I was hoping to get the long bifold one. Thanks!!!
  5. I didn't get a chance to look at much... but to my knowledge the SA said they just got a new shipment. Good luck!!
  6. The Bloomies in NYC (59th street) has the jumbo flap in metallic black and also the medium sized flap bag in metallic black. (not sure what size this one is called, but the SA referred to it as the medium flap.)
    There was a smaller flap bag in a deep bronzey gold too.

    I hope this helps someone!
  7. Pick me up a little something - when you go...hehehehe.:p
  8. Oh, I hope I don't get too tempted. I've been very bad lately, but my birthday's coming up, so that's how I justify it. :yes:


  9. hehehehe...Funny how we women get to a point we don't want to have or acknowledge birthdays ...because we don't want to get older....but to get new Chanels...I might have to have 12 birthdays a year...hehehe. LOL.

    Congrats on your pending birthday.:balloon:
  10. thanks for the info.
  11. Thanks sweetie! I will acknowledge my birthday gladly, if it means more Chanel for me. You have to put a positive spin on everything in life. :p

    -Stephanie (pond23)