Metallic reissue owners- how are yours holding up?

Harper Quinn

Nov 26, 2011
The metallic navy reissue has been one of my HGs and I managed to find one made in 2008 (serial number 12***) in excellent/pristine condition (well from photos anyway) which is on its way to me. In my research I've seen threads complaining of peeling/fading/cracking in metallic reissues. I think bags are made to be worn and I wouldn't want to be paranoid with worry when using her.
Those that still have a metallic reissue -how are yours holding up? Are you able to enjoy your bags?
Also in the future if I want to refurbish it would Chanel do it without a receipt? It's authentic of course.
Aug 5, 2008
I have the metallic navy striped reissue from 2008 and it's holding up pretty well. However, I noticed that the front and the back of the purse looks darker than the side due to rubbing. I don't mind it since I don't baby my bags (except my b35 :-P) and still enjoy her a lot!
I may take her to the boutique for a spa/refurbishment soon and I was told you only need to bring the purse along with its authentic card to do so... Hopefully others will chime in with their experience...


Jazzy says, "buy the bag".
Aug 22, 2013
World Traveler...For Realz
I just purchased my metallic reissue. My SA said that she had never seen issues with the metallics, but if there ever was, I could send it to Chanel, but they would prefer I send it to them first (NM). So they seemed to really stand by Chanel's product.
May 11, 2007
I bought mine in 2008, used it daily for a year and periodically since then, and it still looks perfect. I never have had any issues with it. I am not sure how Chanel would handle refurbishing. Perhaps if you have a good Chanel SA you work with, they would help you with that.



Jun 7, 2010
I've recently bought a preloved metallic reissue from 2008, and even though the seller stated that she hasn't babied the bag, it still looks like it's in excellent condition. No issues with the metallics at all.

Makes me want to get more metallics if I can find them!


Aug 8, 2010
n cali
I have the metallic reissue wallet from that season and the metallic faded badly after a few uses, I really hope the bags are made better than the wallets!


Jun 23, 2014
I have 2 metallic 226 reissues, pink and yellow gold. Both are from 2008 and they seem to be holding up pretty well without any peeling or cracks in the leather. They are not my work horses but I do take them to office occasionally on Fridays.