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  1. hi everyone!i'm considering getting my very first chanel and wondering, if given a choice of these colours, which would you pick?i have not had the chance to see the green irl - is it very "blingy"? tia!
  2. I have not seen it either - hope it is stunning!
  3. black w/ black hardware, it has more of an edge, IMO.
  4. I prefer black with black hardware ;)
  5. If you can still find the green metallic, then green.
  6. I opt for black with black hardware :smile:

    Since this is your first Chanel, I think you cant go wrong with a black bag. And you would use more of it compared to the green.
  7. black with black
  8. I think since it is your first Chanel, I would go black with black and save the less basic colors for later. The green sounds wonderful but definitely black for the first.
  9. i'd go with the black with black.
  10. Personally I'm not a fan of black with black hardware because the whole bag looks too black! Much prefer black with silver or gold, any hardware color that contrasts with the black to make it look brighter/ more interesting. But that's just me! I love the metallic green on the other hand, the color is very pretty & surprisingly versatile. Looks almost like dark silver in certain lighting. It's not too blingy at all IMO. I would definitely pick the green over black w/ black hw.
  11. I haven't seen the green color, can somebody post a pic ? :smile: Where did you find the black metallic reissue? I can't find it anywhere.. can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance!
  12. Black with Black Hardware. If you find this, you must get it! I would totally get this if I found it.
  13. I actually have both metallics. Let me post some pics tomorrow for you all.
    I still prefer the green. :lol:
  14. ^ LUCKY YOU! where did you find them?
  15. Since this is your first Chanel, I agree with the black/black hw too! :yes: