Metallic Reissue fever

I've had metallic reissue fever since the beginning of this year when all the lovely colours were released. After many months of tweaking my collection (there was a lot of buying and selling in terms of changing colours, sizes etc...complete headache), I've finally arrived at the point where I'm really satisfied with my metallic reissue collection. Now I've got two 227's and two 226's which I'm totally happy about. My latest addition is the Navy 227, which I luckily found on a trip to Hong Kong last week. Sadly to say though, the prices in Hong Kong were shocking when compared to prices I paid for the other others bought from Paris. It's really hard to say which I like more, so I guess I'll have to say I love them all. Some people might say metallics are too 'blingy' and too fashionable, but I'm a total sucker for all things shiny :smile: Just like to share my happy metallic family with you. I think my metallic reissue fever is cured...for now (and I'm really praying the metallic pink for fall won't trigger my desire...or I'll be in trouble again!).


Jan 9, 2008
WOW fanbran!! They are all BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love them all.:love: Nice variety!!
I don't think they are blingy at all. I'm with you. The shinier,the better!!
Esp Chanel patents!:drool: Love 'em!!! I see I may have to jump on the metalic wagon!:P


aka Minal :)
Dec 7, 2006
I'm a sucker for metallic reissues! They are so glitzy and glamorous (plus I think I'm attracted to shiny and sparkly things like a moth to a flame haha! :nuts:), but look equally amazing dressed down with jeans! :love: I love your collection... thanks for posting pictures!! :love: :love: