Metallic red reissue

  1. My sister just went to the Chanel Boutique in Paris and said she saw the metallic red reissue with gold chain, apparantly they have quite a few different sizes too!

    I thought I read somewhere on this forum that the red wasn't metallic so I pestered her lol, and asked if it was metallic like the navy and purple reissues and she said yes!:nuts:

    Sorry if everyone knew already, thought I'd help those who were looking for one:flowers:
  2. wowwwwww!!! red would be tdf!!!
  3. hey mate, i wonder if its a dark red metallic or just metallic fire red?
  4. My sister said it was dark red metallic but it's very flashy. I'll call/pester her for more details when she gets home from work LOL:p
  5. Wah, can't wait to see a picture of it!
  6. wooohooo i wish she took some photos of it :smile: thanks for the info
  7. whhhhhhhhhhhhat? ~ the dark red is metallic? ~ well none of the chanel boutiques in the UK seem to know this!! :confused1::shrugs::s ~ P ~ perhaps she saw the patent one that has a very high sheen ~ almost pearlised? ~ :flowers:
  8. Just about everyday I call either NM, Bergdorf's or Chanel Hawaii to check on when the dark red 2.55 will arrive. I'm definitely not missing out on this one.
  9. I don't think she was confused it with patent one. I remember seeing a pic of dark red someone posted and thought, "that looks metallic."
  10. Just talked to her on the phone and she confirmed that it was metallic (said it was "cuir irisé" which means metallic in French) and the SA said the name of it is: "Rouge foncé". It's the Chanel Boutique at "Rue Royale" Paris if anyone wants to call! They had the 226 and large (227?).
  11. Apparantly the SA she spoke to said that the bags they get in Europe and the US are different so don't know if they also have a non metallic dark red reissue....
  12. thank you minatol ~ yes ~ so did i ~ if you mean the pic with the little girl clutching the jumbo ~ i was originally told by my SA in London that there would be a red metallic reissue & that it would be avail with both silver & gold h/w ~ i waitlisted for a 225 with silver ~ she then telephoned me a couple of weeks later to advise that the red was not metallic ~ & that it would only be avail with the gold h/w ~ *this info she received by fax from paris* ~ i believe some of the US girlies were given this info too ~ *P* ~ i am sure your sister knows what she saw ~ :flowers: ~ i am just v :confused1: at all the mis~comms
  13. percephonie - thanks so much for this information! i can't wait for a TPFer (vikianderson, smootho?!) to get this bag so we can all see the red IRL! :yes:
  14. Well my sister was actually shown the "Rouge foncé" reissue and the SA said herself it was with "cuir irisé"="metallic leather" so that's all I can say really:shrugs: I wish I was there myself but my sister did say it was the same material as the navy metallic reissue she looked at for me...

    Hopefully someone will post a pic soon!
  15. Mon-maybe you can clear it up for me cause I'm still pretty confused. Is anyone is the US getting the dark red?