Metallic Red Not Even Offered

  1. My favorite Chanel SA (Brendan) had the U.S. buyer with him today when he called and I asked him to ask her for final word on the metallic red 2.55.

    She says that Metallic Red was not even offered in the 2.55 by Chanel either to the boutiques or "wholesale" (which means department stores).
  2. :wtf::crybaby:
  3. What a tease!
    Well maybe its for the better.
    I'm still in overload with a good "Purple Reissue Buzz" going on and a red may have sent me to Bag rehab!
  4. The purple brigade dominates!!
    (I'm in the navy contingent)
  5. That is too bad about the red! Thanks for posting the news.

    (Personally I'm a green girl all the way. Anybody have pics yet of the green???????? :search:)
  6. Aww, that's too bad for the ladies who were looking forward to the metallic red. :sad: On the bright side, I'm sure non-metallic red reissue will be stunning! :smile:

    Cosmopolitan - Ohhh, I'm soo excited about the green reissue too! :nuts: :love: I'm waitlisted for the 227! If you check out the tread started by IceEarl about the metallic navy reissue, you'll see a picture of a metallic green perforated tote on one of the pages... that's the same green shade the reissue will be!! :girlsigh::heart:
  7. But there is still a non-metallic red right? Like Minal said? I'm confused.... :confused1::p
  8. Too bad for the!:roflmfao:
  9. Apparently. See Amour's thread.:smile:
  10. ^^^Thanks for the tip! :yes:
  11. ^^ Well, unless my NM SA is lying hehe, I think there is! :p :heart: I *think* they ordered it in the 227 size, which I'm down for (not sure if I'll bring it home though, because I have too many red bags... if that's possible). :nuts: Also, the bag is not patent, it is apparently distressed leather... but there is a patent (I just saw it!)... not sure who is ordering that... I think BG is. So confusing! :sweatdrop:
  12. Oh well, I think my heart belongs to the red patent anyway! *swooooooon* :love:
  13. ^^this is so sad...i wonder what it would even look like...

    and will non US/overseas stores get it or did Chanel not produce it at it was a runway piece that they decided not to make for retail sales?
  14. Well Brendan had leather swatches for all of the colors that were available and metallic red was not one of them. That's why he asked the U.S. buyer to which she answered "it was not offered".

    So I hope your NM SA is correct because I'd love a red metallic reissue, but having heard it from the horses mouth myself I'm going with no for now.
  15. I'm not sure Cory. But the U.S. buyer might still be at the Chanel boutique on East 57th street right now.

    Maybe call there and ask the buyer if it's even availble in Europe. 212-355-5050