metallic red mini twiggy

  1. i'm not sure how much the bag retails for, but the studs on the limited edition metallics are supposed to be the color of the rest of the bag. it's very cute!
  2. $420.00 sound like a good price for it?:P

    i just purchased a mini twiggy sky blue... haven't gotten it yet... do u know if it fits lots??...:flowers:
  3. there are two mini twiggy sizes, one is about the same size as the classique, the other is even smaller. this looks like the smaller of the 2 mini twiggy sizes judging by the proportions. the large of the mini twiggy is often confused with the twiggy in photos b/c it has the same proportion.

    I think the original price is around 800+, so 420 sounds like a good price. but I'd ask for measurements before bidding...
  4. Ohhhh i NEVER KNEW!! so there is a mini MINI tiwggy...

    That shoes i'm a real newbie... :P

    thanks thanks... i'll find out the sizes!

    what are the measurments for a larger mini twiggy?