Metallic Red 2.55 Situation in Europe

  1. I thought I save you girls international call charges for sharing with you what the metallic red 2.55 situation is like in case you are considering calling the boutiques in Europe.

    France - No more red in any of the boutiques/concessions in Paris, Cannes or Nice.

    Netherlands - Amsterdam did not order red.

    UK - Harrods has no red. Selfridges may get some next week. Both Sloane Street and Brompton boutiques run out of red. Sloane Street confirms that no more red is coming.

    In the process of hunting for the metallic red, I put my name down for a 2.55 patent red in Soho New York.......I think I'm getting insane....:sweatdrop:
  2. MIffy27 -Thanks for the info!
    Same here! I put my name down for the patent red, almost lost hope for scoring a met red:push:

    But I think the patent red will be HOT too! I just love the lipstick red Chanel makes.

  3. Valentino aside, no one does the red better than the French/Chanel! :tup:
  4. That's so sweet of you to share!
  5. The patent red u r talking about,is it the coco puzzle bag with the MM lock?
  6. Thanks for sharing~
  7. I think Hong Kong have metallic reds left. I've seen a jumbo and a 2.55 already.
  8. I have waitlisted for the plain patent red 2.55. I am sure the boutique will have coco puzzle. So do ring the boutiques! :smile:
  9. Thanks! I am looking for the medium size which none of the HK boutique has it (in whatever colour!)!!! That's why I am getting a bit dire here!!!:push:
  10. another update - no red in Dublin, Ireland...!
  11. But Switzerland boutiques have navy and purple! So hurry hurry if you want Europe price!!!
  12. And none in Belgium...or Brussels as there is only one Chanel boutique in Belgium. Phew, I feel like having a grand tour in Europe....BY PHONE!
  13. Wow, you really must have been busy calling all those stores. Thank you so much for sharing! Definitely makes the search for the red seem hopeless.