Metallic question...

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  1. Good evening my COACH friends.

    I have been stalking a new wallet on the bay for a few days now. It is a gold metallic legacy leather one. I know some of the leather metallic bags have issues with the metallic rubbing off. Has anyone had a metallic wallet?? How do they hold up???

    Thank you!
  2. metallic is metallic no matter what it's on. It will ALL eventually wear. It's the natural wear of metallic leather.
  3. Ok, so when it wears off, what color is the underneath leather??? Is that a stupid question, lol???
  4. Well, I don't know. It might not be too bad! I have several metallic bags I've worn quite a lot and haven't experienced signs of wear (my gold madison hobo gets worn a LOT on evenings out). I think it's all a matter of how you use it, and if you think about it, almost everything wears eventually. If you like the way it looks, who cares? I say spray some garde on that thing and enjoy!