Metallic Qees Pictures

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  1. AKA: I heart TokidokiAngel.

    I got my pretty qees today! The best part was the package, TokidokiAngel drew cactus dogs and cactus cat on it, it's so pretty! (I promised myself I'll never use this smiley since he's somewhat of an idiot, but I have to since it best describes my feelings - :yahoo: ).

    Here's the pacakge (The usual- click the thumbnail to watch the bigger version):


    Cute Cactus dogs and Cactus cat:


    I was even excited about the qees wrapping paper, it's pink!


    And all the qees together:


    Just opened 2 of them so far, they are so cute and shiny!


    SO! I figured it will be nice to see how different colored qees look on different prints, so far I only tried the blue one on the Paradiso, I think it's cute.
    Sorry for the funny picture, I had nowhere to hang my bag so I used the camera's tripod. =]


    If anybody has Metallic-Qees-on-bags pictures, show 'em. :graucho:
  2. The drawings are so cute! Love the metallic qees..
  3. I'm jealous you got all the colors. I should have bidded for them on ebay. I'll have to see if anyone is still selling them yet. I love the turquoise one. It looks fantastic on your paradiso.

    Nice artwork Tokiangel.

  4. What about these?

    They have a BIN for 0.99$, I would have gotten some more but they won't ship worldwide.
  5. I was checking out ebay and I see there are some still available. So I may bid.
  6. Yay! I feel so much more relieved now that snoopa got her qees! I was hoping they didn't get lost or something.

    The blue qee looks niice on the paradiso!!
  7. Cute!! I have the magenta cat qee I got from TokidokiAngel on my Spiaggia zucca!!
  8. *sigh* but those BIN ones...aren't they like $9 to ship? Lol....ahh I can't justify that to myself when I know it takes under $3 to ship it haha. It's the small qees right?
  9. there's a set of 6 for $35... I'm thinking about getting another set just to have :shrugs:
  10. Jess- Yes it's small qees, 9$ to ship one is really crazy, but maybe if you buy like... 6, and the shipping is still 9$ - then it's worth it.

    tehlilone- I'm tempted to get more as well, have one set to display and one on the bags.

    I switched the blue qee on the bag to the purple since I found out the head accidently popped off the wrong side and now it keeps falling. :lol:
    I'll super-glue it tomorrow, mean while I'm keeping him in a safe place.

    When I first popped it, I didn't realize the stick came out of the head instead of the body, and I spent 5 minutes trying to figure how to put the plastic ring on. :shame:
  11. Wow that blue metallic one really does look great on the paradiso. I never considered getting one but now I want one for my paradiso :love:
  12. I have the blue metallic bear on my pirata stellina and the magenta cat on my pirata mamma mia. Blue looks so pretty on the pirata, and once my spiaggia mamma mia comes in, I may switch the cat or use the silver bear.
  13. Those look so cute! I think I may buy that set of 6!
  14. The blue qee looks great with the paradiso.

    After I got the purple cat and green dog qee from TokidokiAngel, I want the rest of the qees. I ended up getting them from ebay. They are so cute, but I am afraid to use them because my qee (the one that comes with the bag) got bang up.
  15. That blue metallic bear on ur paradiso looks cute! :tup: