"Metallic Qee" Question

  1. Are the metallic qees that LesportSac sells really "metal" or are they plastic with a metallic paint. The "blue bear" pink cat", etc.
  2. I don't know for sure but I suspect they are plastic painted w/metallic paint.
  3. They are plastic just like the regular tokidoki qee and they're painted metallic. I thought they were metal and when I took my silver one out of the box...first of all it was broken, I had to exchange it but second of all it's super light and I felt it was kinda junky. I think they're cute if you're going to collect them but if you use them and they get all marked up I think they'll look kinda cheap :shrugs:
  4. Then I'm glad I lost the bid on eBay
  5. wow, for 18 bucks, I thought it was metal-that sucks!
  6. That's what I thought!! But Nope!! :cursing:
  7. they're $18 where you live?? they're only $12 here. i never thought of actually using them on my bag, esp since he signed & drew on the boxes of the ones i have. i don't want to open the packages now.
  8. They are $18 on the LeSportSa web site! The ones I was bidding on were all three as a set. They went for $14... I should have bid higher!!
  9. i think there was a double thread on this...i replied on the other one...heee..its not metal..just painted it that way...also it cost $19.99 here!!! ;(
  10. I think there is a double thread !! :confused1:
  11. where's the $12 one??
  12. in Hawaii??
  13. hehe i should've looked at buttrpecan1's location :sweatdrop: i want to get them but they're just too expensive sometimes :push:
  14. hee..just look around eBay they pop up there sometimes..im not quite sure if online places sell them too.. goodluck if you decide to get one:graucho: