Metallic Purple Stam and Quilted Almond Stam!!

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  1. Ok here are the latest and final additions to my collection.....until my bag ban is over in 2008! :p I present....Quilted Stam in Almond and Metallic Patchwork Stam in Purple! :yahoo: And I'm seriously done....for awhile.

  2. you have the most GORGEOUS collection:nuts:
    really, such wonderful colors and textures... the new purchases are fabulous, wear those babies in happiness and good health:heart:!!!
  3. Oh I was wondering of anyone was going to get the metallic patchwork Stam!! both bags of course!!
  4. pretty! did you find them on sale by chance?
  5. OMG!! Those Stams are stunning!! I LOVE them!:nuts::nuts:

    Congrats on some incredible purchases the last couple of weeks. Amazing!!!
  6. The metallic purple Stam! Ooooooooh. I envy.
  7. Ahh - that metallic purple patchwork Stam is so edgy! Love it! Gorgeous gorgeous collection. The metallic purple is such a great foil for the ivory (sorry don't know exact colour) quilted Blake you got there! Such different looks and feel, but both absolutely fab!
  8. Thanks for all the kind comments! So funny but I'm starting to wonder about the purple stam. I got it because it was on sale 1/2 at half price and it was gorgeous but there aren't many times or places that I will be able to use it :sad: I have been trying it on and staring in the mirror but I think I might be better off with something I can use more frequently. I am actually looking at the little stam or "the kid"....think its new for fall 2007 and its just a smaller version of the stam. Unlike the baby stam it has the chain AND the handles. Ugh, I am sooooo bad at making decisions! And being compulsive when it comes to sales doesn't help!
  9. COngrats! Love ur stams....!
  10. You have an amazing collection. Love all the colors you selected...all so different!
  11. <---- jealous! congrats :biggrin:
  12. Wow, the metallic stam is killer! I am kicking myself for not getting bit, but I'm on a huge ban for the moment... You're so lucky to have gotten it!! Congrats!!
  13. You have a fantastic collection of bags!! How do you ever choose which one to use??:heart::drool::upsidedown:
  14. Love the almond stam. The color on the purple is gorgeous. You have a great collection of MJ. Hope you enjoy your new purchases.
  15. wowee, when you go bag shopping, you mean business! you just bought your white chiffon quilted blake! heehee...and now you've got two more. :p

    congrats on your new purchases!!;)